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Black and banned: Who is free speech for?

alt informationIs free speech a way to promote unheard and under-represented voices and perspectives, or is it a tool wielded by extremists and supremacists?

Violence, corruption and censorship: The realities of being a journalist in Bulgaria

alt informationUnder increasing pressure from the government and a media environment becoming more and more censored, journalists within Bulgaria are finding themselves in danger

Tim Hetherington Fellowship: “The confidence that I can bring ideas to the table has been a huge help”

alt informationKieran Etoria-King, the second Tim Hetherington fellow, speaks about his time as the editorial assistant, and the opportunities it's given him 

Turkey: “I am not hopeless – one day this climate will change”

alt informationSahika Erkonan never thought signing a petition meant signing away her life, her family or her country. Marooned in London, she faces an uncertain future

For the sake of the public’s right to know, journalists must be granted access

alt informationFrom the beginning of 2017 until April 2017, 143 reports of blocked access, in which journalists were expelled from a location or prevented from speaking to a source, were submitted MMF

Downing Street protest: Hundreds voice anger ahead of Erdogan visit

alt informationIndex joined English Pen, Reporters Without Borders, Cartoonist Rights Network International and dozens of protesters to call on the British government to hold president Erdogan accountable for the ongoing crackdown on free speech

Winner of 2018 George Theiner Award announced

alt informationBritish academic David Short has been announced as the recipient of the George Theiner Award 2018.

Sharo Ibrahim Garip: “Half of Turkey wants a secular and democratic government”

alt informationIn 2016 hundreds of academics were dismissed from their positions without notice, including sociologist Sharo Ibrahim Garip, who taught at Yuzuncu Yil University

Three months on: Murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

alt informationYesterday marked three months since the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Outside the Maltese embassy in London, Index on Censorship stood with others to call on the Maltese government ensure justice is served

Russia: Journalists detained during protests breach of media freedom

alt informationAt least nine media workers were detained across Russia on 8 October during protests organised by Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny

Ireland: Irish Times journalists banned from Communicorp airwaves

alt informationStaff from the Irish Times will no longer appear on Ireland’s only two national commercial radio stations, Newstalk and Today FM