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Russia: How one radio station became a target of pressure, threats and extreme violence

alt informationIn 2017 Mapping Media Freedom, Index on Censorship’s project for monitoring media violations throughout Europe, registered 15 reports relating to Echo Moskvy.

The Russia-Turkey crisis is feeding a new propaganda war between the countries

alt informationBefore 24 November, Turkey was described in Russian news reports as a reliable partner in ambitious projects, a source of fruits and

Russia: Blasphemy law has aided the growth of religious censorship

alt informationSince the amended blasphemy law came into force in July 2013, Russian journalists have faced a growth of religious censorship

Russia: Attempted murder of Oleg Kashin a symbol of impunity for attacks on journalists

alt informationOn 6 November 2010, prominent Russian journalist Oleg Kashin was badly beaten with a steel pipe on his doorstep and nearly killed