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Croatia: Journalists targeted after reporting on sentences imposed on “war criminals”

alt informationSeveral journalists and news outlets from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina faced death threats following their coverage a war crimes trial

Montenegro: Investigative journalists’ lengthy legal proceedings

alt informationIndependent journalist Jovo Martinovic’s arrest with 13 other individuals during a joint Croatian and Montenegrin police operation on 22 October 2015 began an ongoing ordeal

Montenegro: Mayor accused of repeatedly undermining press freedom

alt informationIn the past two months three threats to media freedom involving the mayor of Kolasin, a town in Montenegro, have been reported to Mapping Media Freedom.

Bosnia: Open letter expresses support for journalists targeted with threats

alt informationUniversity professors, poets and artists signed an open letter in support of three media workers who were targeted with death threats and hate speech.

Croatia: Over 70 journalists axed from public broadcaster since January

alt informationThe cancellation of three radio programmes on 4 July by Croatia's public broadcaster marks the latest in a line of sweeping changes the network has undergone since January 2016.

Croatia: Controversial TV show prompts dispute in national media

alt informationWalking around the Zagreb offices of the Electronic Media Council (AEM), Croatia’s broadcast regulator, must have had a distinctive feel to it on 26 January. According to Croatian media, outside the building stood about 5,000 demonstrators singing Croatian patriotic songs, calling for AEM chair Marjana Rakic’s resignation and carrying an effigy of her dressed as […]

Macedonia: Journalists’ associations highlight disunity in the media

alt informationIf you want to understand the media environment in Macedonia, the phenomenon of parallel journalists’ organisations is a good place to start.

Macedonia: Government advertising undermines role of journalism

alt informationThe successor nations to the former Yugoslavia are among the most difficult places for journalists to work in Europe, a fact borne out by the latest quarterly report from Index on Censorship’s Mapping Media Freedom project.

Montenegro: Using journalists as political pawns undermines the role of the media

alt informationSmear campaigns mean more journalists are exiting the profession, leaving a vacuum to be filled by those who work for lower pay and to lower standards

Balkans: “Media has a significant role in the theatre of the absurd”

alt informationMapping Media Freedom correspondent Ilcho Cvetanoski reports on journalist safety in the Balkans

Croatia: Unsolved threats and assaults underscore rapid deterioration of media freedom

alt informationIndex's project Mapping Media Freedom has recorded an alarming increase in media freedom violations in Croatia.

For Juzne Vesti editor, Serbia’s deteriorating media freedom comes as no surprise

In just over five years, journalists at the independent news site have been subjected to verbal harassment or death threats 15 times, reports Ilcho Cvetanoski