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Indian films at mercy of new censor board CEO — and his five-year-old daughter

alt informationThe new CEO of India’s censor board has described his objection to some of India’s recent blockbusters based on the reactions of his wife and five year old daughter. Mahima Kaul reports

Did the Uttar Pradesh government ban two channels for being too critical?

It is almost impossible to believe, but the government of India’s largest and most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, seems to have taken the most popular English news channel, Times Now, off the air for criticizing it, Mahima Kaul reports

India: Social media finally has its campaign in the sun

alt informationAs India's election approaches, politicians have been taking to social media to connect with voters, Mahima Kaul reports

Who’s responsible for India’s anti-gay law?

Should judges or politicians tackle India's archaic ban on sex "order of nature"? Mahima Kaul reports

India challenges cyber governance and security

alt informationJust days before the United Nation’s led Internet Governance Forum in Indonesia, India, held its own – and first of its kind – conference on cyber governance and cyber security, Mahima Kaul writes

Social media becomes the scapegoat in India

alt informationThe regulation of social media in India has been a subject of great controversy, Mahima Kaul writes

India: Right to information and privacy ‘two sides of the same coin’

alt informationIndia's Right To Information act is being challenged by questions of privacy protection, Mahima Kaul reports

Murder leads to a print news blackout in India

alt informationIn the aftermath of a murder of a delivery driver and discovery of explosive devices in his van, a small underground group took responsibility, but news editors refused to carry the group’s statement, leading to a print blackout in Manipur. Mahima Kaul reports

India’s media watchdogs discuss need for universal regulation

alt informationIn an unprecedented move, the heads of India's three major media regulators, all retired judges, sat on a single platform with the current Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Manish Tewari, to discuss the way forward for media regulation. Mahima Kaul reports

Indian court orders Facebook, Google to offer plans for protecting children

alt informationThe New Delhi High Court has given Facebook and Google one month to submit suggestions on how minors can be protected online in India. Mahima Kaul reports

India moves toward media regulation

As talk in India turns to media plurality and regulation, attention is turning to murky ownership structures and monopolistic practices. Mahima Kaul reports

Is India about to gets its own PRISM?

Two surveillance entities are being set up to monitor Indian citizens’ communications, Mahima Kaul writes