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India’s Modi bypasses mainstream media and takes to Twitter

alt informationPrime Minister Narendra Modi's penchant for using social media to address the public directly has apparently caused a rift with India's mainstream press. Mahima Kaul reports

India’s social media “peace force”

alt informationIndians have organised online to stop social media postings looking to incite communal tension. Will it work, and is it a threat to free expression? Mahima Kaul reports

India obsessed with social media role in elections

Indians, ever a chatty lot, are obsessed with the idea of being obsessed with social media. Mahima Kaul reports

India’s public service broadcaster at center of political row

alt informationThe India media is the subject of the news yet again. This time though, the private news channels -- the usual suspects – are only reporting the news. Instead, the latest war of words among politicians has thrown the public service broadcaster, Doordarshan, into the limelight. Mahima Kaul reports

India fails to throw weight behind NETmundial

alt informationIndia was among the few governments that did not sign the NETmundial outcome statement. But why does it seem that the world’s largest democracy is not putting its weight behind a "bottom-up, open, and participatory" multistakeholder process? Mahima Kaul reports

India’s elections: Hate speech and the “greatest show on Earth”

Electioneering for the Indian elections of 2014 has reached a fever pitch. Political parties seem to be indulging in the same hate speech, communal politicking and calculations that work to polarise the electorate and garner votes. Mahima Kaul reports

Controversy surrounds India’s biometric database

alt informationQuestions about the security of India's giant biometric database continue to be raised by privacy advocates, Mahima Kaul reports

As internet matures India faces a choice on governance

alt informationFor many years, the Indian public in particular, had very little interest in who controlled the internet and decisions taken at a structural level that shaped its future. Mahima Kaul reports on how that's changing.

Cricket cheering uncovers faultlines between Kashmir and India

alt informationImprobable as it may seem, but 67 Kashmiri university students were briefly charged with sedition for cheering for Pakistan, and celebrating its win over India, during an Asia Cup cricket match in early March. Mahima Kaul reports

Penguin India’s pulping of controversial title roils authors

alt informationIndian authors and columnists have condemned Penguin India’s decision to pulp all remaining copies of American author Wendy Doniger’s controversial book. Mahima Kaul reports

India: Parliament TV blacks out during debate over controversial bill

alt informationFor the first time in its history, the lower house of Indian parliament passed a law as important as creating a new state – by reorganising Andhra Pradesh into two states; Andhra Pradesh and Telangana – away from the media glare and the public eye. Mahima Kaul reports

India enters the sousveillance age

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s erstwhile chief minister, gained popularity among ordinary citizens because of his tough anti-corruption stand. His antics and strategies to grab media attention didn’t disappoint either. Mahima Kaul reports