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Tailor-made laws: The state of surveillance in Germany

alt informationWhat is worse: intelligence services gathering data without any legal basis or secret services operating within a legal framework that allows them to obtain vast amounts of personal information?

Poland’s “political cleansing” of journalists

alt informationPoland has been all about the “good change” since November 2015. The phrase goes back to a campaign video produced in May 2015 for PiS

Swift changes to media landscape set Poland further down the partisan road

alt informationPoland has undergone rapid changes since the right-wing Law and Justice Party (PiS) won the overall majority in the Sejm

Poland: Audit finds secret police unit monitoring journalists

alt informationAn audit by Poland's bureau of internal affairs (BSW) has uncovered that two informal press surveillance units of police were set up to monitor journalists

Poland: Worrying implications of defamation through the criminal code

alt informationWhen investigative journalist Jaroslaw Jakimczyk requested information from Qumak S.A., the technology company did something rather unexpected