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Brazil’s Mídia Ninja covers demonstrations from the inside

alt informationHolding to their motto of “independent narratives, journalism and action”, a group of young journalists called Mídia Ninja used the recent demonstrations in Brazil’s major cities as a stage for their guerilla approach to journalism, using smartphones and social media platforms to reach their audience. Rafael Spuldar writes

Pope’s remarks: praise and criticism in Brazil

alt information Pope Francis' remarks about gays and Catholicism left some in Brazil hoping for more dialogue, but drew criticism from some equal rights leaders. Rafael Spuldar reports

Brazilian sociologist threatened at gunpoint after criticising police

A Brazilian sociologist says he was threatened at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro last week, after he gave a newspaper interview criticising police action in recent popular demonstrations. Rafael Spuldar reports

Brazilian writer convicted for fictional story

José Cristian Góes says case brought against him is a "direct attack on free speech. Rafael Spuldar reports

Demonstrators move Brazil’s lethargic politicians to action

Brazil’s mass protests represent a new force in the country’s politics. The wave of demonstrations ---sparked by increasing transit fares --- have shaken the country’s lethargic leaders, Rafael Spuldar reports

Brazilian police target protesters — and journalists

Sparked by a series of transport fare hikes and official corruption, the ongoing mass protests in Brazil's cities have been greeted by crackdowns by police. Rafael Spuldar reports on the journalists caught in the crossfire

Brazilians take to the streets to protest bus fare increases

alt informationIn recent weeks Brazil has seen something unusual – large demonstrations on the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Rafael Spuldar reports on the rise in bus fares that is prompting the protests

Brazilian court gags protester in latest social media ruling

A judge from the Brazilian state of São Paulo has barred a protester from an allegedly illegal construction site or even posting about it on Facebook. It’s the latest in a string of rulings targeting social media in the country. Rafael Spuldar reports

Brazil’s Federal Police seize journalist’s equipment

Brazil’s Federal Police seized a journalist’s equipment - including his computer - during an operation to remove indians from a farm in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The seizure was decried as illegal by the reporter’s employer, one of the country’s most prominent aid agencies aimed at indigenous peoples, Rafael Spuldar reports.

Brazil loves football, but Atlético Paranaense doesn’t have the hots for the press

alt informationBrazil loves football – and it loves the game so much it’s hosting next year's World Cup finals. But a huge number of fans from the state of Paraná are having a very hard time following their team this year because of media restrictions imposed by directors of the local club, Rafael Spuldar reports.

New law set to ease the way for biographies in Brazil

alt informationThe Brazilian Congress is considering draft legislation to ease the publication of biographies without prior authorization from the subject, but the move is not without opposition, Rafael Spuldar reports.

In Brazil press confronts old foes and new violence

alt informationBrazil's position in free speech's world charts has consistently worsened in recent years, Rafael Spulder writes from Sao Paolo.