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The repugnant Section 66A of India’s Information Technology Act

alt informationRepealing the blatantly arbitrary law is the only way to protect and uphold the freedom of expression, Saurav Datta writes

Hush — slander is a criminal offence in India

In India, folks with brittle egos and skeletons stacked up in their closets, can and will wield the law to clam your mouth shut, and even have you put in jail, writes Saurav Datta.

India’s Supreme Court breaks police stranglehold on theatre

Dramatic performances cannot be policed and subjected to pre-censorship, writes Saurav Datta

India: Religious electioneering damages secular fabric

India's elections have been awash in campaigning that appeal to voters in religion or by instigating polarisation among different religious and ethnic communities. Saurav Datta reports

Why it is open season for hate speech in India’s elections

alt informationCynical politicians make the most of ineffective laws and a weak regulator, Saurav Data reports

Expose crony capitalism and be censored in India

alt informationA book detailing the allegedly shady dealing behind a gas contract has been targeted by the companies involved in the latest example of censorship in India, writes Saurav Datta.

India’s Supreme Court junks the Hicklin Test, but there’s little cause for cheer

India's Supreme Court’s reliance on “redeeming social value” and “community standards” provides cause for consternation, writes Saurav Datta

Hindu supremacists stall play in India

Religious bigotry and the government's abdication of responsibility jointly endanger free speech, writes Saurav Datta

Cheering for the Pakistan cricket team is dangerous in democratic India

alt informationIndo-Pak cricket matches are anything but “normal” as 67 college students found when they were charged with sedition for cheering for the Pakistani team. Saurav Datta reports

India’s media doesn’t dare violate the “Modi-fied” code of silence

alt informationSiddharth Varadarajan and Nandini Sundar stand out as examples of the consequences of seeking accountability and justice. Saurav Datta reports

“The Hindus” are anything but “law-abiding citizens”

alt informationThe Hindu fundamentalists’ falsehood is malicious, not Wendy Doniger’s interpretation. Saurav Datta writes

Delhi High Court champions a SLAPP suit

alt informationCourt’s gag order in sexual harassment case is an assault on freedom of the press, says Saurav Datta