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Egypt: Law will “severely erode civil liberties”

Country is expected to put into effect a new counter-terrorism law that rights groups warn could "reinstate the old police state that existed under deposed president Hosni Mubarak", writes Shahira Amin

Egpyt: Journalists denied justice again

The trial of three journalists working for the Al Jazeera English Channel (AJE) was adjourned on Thursday until April 22, Shahira Amin reports

“We no longer feel safe”: Egypt’s attacks on gay rights

alt informationFollowing three men being sentenced to eight years in prison "for committing homosexual acts", Shahira Amin investigates the dangers faced by Egypt's vulnerable gay community

Egypt: Secularists and conservatives battle over music videos

alt informationIn a move that has sparked concern among Egyptian secularists, the country's censorship committee this week banned 20 music videos allegedly containing "heavy sexual connotations" and featuring "scantily-dressed female singers and models", Shahira Amin writes

Mosques are the new battlegrounds in Egypt’s political standoff

alt informationAmid deep polarisation and a widening crackdown on dissent in Egypt, the country's military-backed authorities have now taken their conflict with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to a new front -- houses of worship. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt: Anyone posing a threat to national security “must be annihilated”

alt informationThe trial in Egypt of 20 journalists charged with spreading misinformation and aiding or belonging to a terror cell has been adjourned until March 24.

Egypt: “We are strong and we shall walk free,” declare jailed journalists

alt informationThe trial of 20 journalists charged with "fabricating news and assisting or belonging to a terror cell" has been adjourned until 5 March. Shahira Amin reports

Youssef returns to the small screen as Egypt targets journalists

alt informationWith much anticipation, Egyptians huddled around their television sets on Friday night to watch their favourite comedian, Bassem Youssef, make his debut appearance on the Saudi-funded MBC Misr Channel after a three-month absence from the small screen. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt: Another attempt to “demonise” its journalists

alt informationJust as rights groups and press freedom advocates were thinking things could not get any worse for journalists in Egypt, a video proved them wrong. Shahira Amin reports

There is only one side to the story in Egypt: The government line

alt informationTwenty journalists working for the Al Jazeera TV network will stand trial in Egypt on charges of spreading false news that harms national security and assisting or joining a terrorist cell. Shahira Amin reports.
Statement: Egyptian authorities must stop their attacks on media freedom

Egypt: Arab Spring anniversary a “horrible day for journalists”

alt informationAs thousands of Egyptians demonstrated in support of the country's military, journalists were attacked, 49 people were killed and 247 others were injured in anti-government marches across Egypt on Saturday on the third anniversary of the uprising that led to the overthrow of autocrat Hosni Mubarak. Shahira Amin reports

Egyptians to vote on new constitution amidst boycotts and apathy

Egyptians head to polling stations on Tuesday to vote on a revised constitution heralded by Egypt's military-backed government as a" first step in the country's democratic transition" and billed as a blueprint for the "new Egypt." Shahira Amin reports