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Egypt: “Peter will not rest until his colleagues are freed”

As journalist Peter Greste returns to Australia, his two colleagues Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Egyptian journalist Baher Mohamed languish in an Egyptian prison.

Gay Egyptians living in “constant fear” as crackdown from authorities and media worsens

alt informationIn recent months, 150 suspected homosexuals have been arrested and detained, while reporting by pro-government media has further fuelled prejudice against gay people. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt: Regime pushes self-censorship on journalists

alt informationThe "loyalty pledge" taken by the editors of Egypt's largest newspapers has been seen as unusual even in a country where the media is in lockstep with the regime. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt: Restrictions on campus protest could spark unrest

With just a few weeks to go before Egyptian universities open their gates to students for the start of the new academic year, the Egyptian authorities are feeling jittery -- and rightly so. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt’s nascent street art movement under pressure

alt informationGraffiti played a big part in Egypt's 2011 revolution. Today the artists face threats of violence, and the potential of jail time and fines under a proposed draft law. Shahira Amin reports

Did culture and arts prepare Egypt for revolution?

alt informationSome believe the stage for Egypt's 2011 mass uprising was already being set years earlier -- with popular culture helping fuel the people’s anger and frustration. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt’s message to journalists: “Adhere to the official narrative or risk severe punishment”

alt informationThe sentencing of three Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt has shocked and outraged rights activists and press around the world, and fuelled concern about freedom of expression and the independence of the judiciary in the country. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt: Authorities reveal plans for mass surveillance of social media

alt informationThe proposed new mass monitoring system has sparked fears that internet activists may be the next targets of the military-backed government's widening crackdown on dissent, Shahira Amin writes

Egypt: Media presents election as forgone conclusion

alt informationIn the weeks leading up to the vote, Egyptian media had reverted to Mubarak-era policies, persistently lionising El Sisi and the military while demonising his opponents. Shahira Amin reports

Egypt: A chilling message and a case in uproar

alt informationA chilling message sent by award-winning photojournalist Mosa'ab El Shamy via his Twitter account on Monday, filled his 41,000 online followers with dread. Shahira Amin reports

Shahira Amin: Remembering Bassem Sabry

alt informationThe shocking news of the death of democracy advocate and widely acclaimed Egyptian blogger, Bassem Sabry on April 29, hit me like a lightning bolt, Shahira Amin writes

Egypt: Prime minister suspends controversial film

alt informationRights activists and groups say the removal of Halawet Rooh (Beauty of the Soul) from theatres is part of a wider clampdown on artistic expression. Shahira Amin reports