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#IndexAwards2015: Digital activism nominee Nico Sell

Nico Sell is a US-based entrepreneur and activist for online privacy and secure digital communication.

#IndexAwards2015: Digital activism nominee Syria Tracker

alt informationSyria Tracker is a crisis mapping platform which collates and exhibits live data on human rights abuses and other welfare issues brought about by the Syrian conflict.

#IndexAwards2015: Digital activism nominee Valor por Tamaulipas

alt informationValor por Tamaulipas is a crowd-sourced news platform, based in Mexico and set up in 2012 to fill the void created by the region’s cartel-induced media blackout.

#IndexAwards2015: Digital activism nominee Tamás Bodoky and Atlatszo.hu

alt informationAtlatszo.hu is an investigative news outlet founded and managed by Tamás Bodoky, the main goal of which is to promote free, transparent circulation of information in Hungary

#IndexAwards2015: Campaigning nominee Rechts gegen Rechts

alt informationRechts gegen Rechts is an initiative set up in 2014 in Wunsiedel, Germany, to peacefully counter an annual neo-Nazi march through the streets of the small town.

#IndexAwards2015: Campaigning nominee Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar

Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar is an Afghan journalist and the executive director of the media advocacy group Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, which works to develop a free media as the country develops a peacetime society.

#IndexAwards2015: Campaigning nominee Amran Abdundi

alt informationAmran Abdundi is a women's rights activist based in northeastern Kenya. She runs the Frontier Indigenous Network, an organisation which mobilises female peace builders and rights activists to set up shelters along the dangerous border with Somalia.

#IndexAwards2015: Campaigning nominees Yaman Akdeniz and Kerem Altiparmak

alt informationProfessors Yaman Akdeniz and Kerem Altiparmak are cyber-law experts and internet rights activists who have campaigned vigorously against the Turkish government’s increasingly restrictive internet access laws

#IndexAwards2015: Arts nominee Xavier “Bonil” Bonilla

alt informationBonil is the pen name for Xavier Bonilla, an Ecuador-based editorial cartoonist who draws for several national newspapers, particularly El Universo.

#IndexAwards2015: Arts nominee Rory “Panti Bliss” O’Neill

alt informationRory O’Neill is a Dublin-based stand-up comedian and self-described accidental activist for gay rights, who sees his duty as “to say the unsayable”.

#IndexAwards2015: Arts nominee Mouad “El Haqed” Belghouat

alt informationMouad Belghouat is a Moroccan rapper and human rights activist who releases music under the moniker El Haqed, roughly translated as ‘The Enraged’.

#IndexAwards2015: Journalism nominee Ekho Moskvy

alt informationOne of few media outlets that is critical of Vladimir Putin’s regime, the radio station is revered by many as the last bastion of free speech in the country