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Students at Glasgow School of Art fight programme-sanctioned censorship

alt informationNew rules urge students to exercise caution when it comes to “offensive” or “inappropriate” material and warn against “bringing the institution into disrepute”

Mapping Media Freedom: 2017 in review

alt informationThis year saw 1,035 media freedom violations reported to Index on Censorship’s Mapping Media Freedom, a project that monitors media freedom in 42 countries, including all EU member states

#IndexAwards2017 fellows: “Governments don’t care about the human rights argument”

alt informationSince the Index on Censorship Awards, the 2017 fellows have been busy doing important work in their respective fields to further the cause of freedom of expression around the world

Labour Party conference: No place for a free press

alt informationDuring the Labour Party conference, the BBC political editor required bodyguards while two other journalists were barred from entering

Former Israeli general moves to silence independent journalist David Sheen

alt informationIsraeli-Canadian journalist David Sheen, a former editor of Haaretz who regularly reports on racism against Africans within Israel, is the subject of a defamation lawsuit by former Israeli general Israel Ziv

Turkey: A year on from the coup attempt, journalists are still being labelled terrorists

alt informationIn the year since the failed coup attempt on 15 July 2016, Turkey has cemented its position as the largest jailer of journalists in the world, with around 166 journalists in prison by the end of June 2017.

The Commissar Vanishes: The falsification of images in Stalin’s Russia

alt informationThe Commissar Vanishes, David King’s visual history of the falsification of images, explores how Stalin manipulated photography to erase all memory of his victims

Taking out the trash: UK foreign office report heaps praise on Bahrain

alt informationJohnson offers a watered-down endorsement of human rights and his department's understanding of advocacy is seriously flawed

Al Jazeera debate at Frontline Club descends into shouting match

alt informationA debate at the Frontline Club last night on the future of Al Jazeera, following recent calls for the network to be shuttered by a group of seven Arab countries, did not go to plan

Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab approaches one year in prison without sentencing

alt informationNext week marks one year since the Bahraini human rights activist and Index on Censorship award winner Nabeel Rajab was imprisoned on charges for which he has yet to be sentenced

Turner Prize winner criticises Glasgow School of Art for censoring student’s work

alt informationThe explanation given to James Oberhelm for the removal of his work from an interim show was “inadequate” according to artist Duncan Campbell