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Index joins show of solidarity with Cuba’s jailed artists: “Art should not be criminalised”

alt informationIndex on Censorship joined others at the Tate Modern today in a show of solidarity with those artists arrested in Cuba for peacefully protesting Decree 349, a law that will severely limit artistic freedom in the country

Cuban artists arrested while protesting Decree 349

alt informationCuban artists Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara and Yanelys Nuñez Leyva, members of the Index-award winning Museum of Dissidence, were arrested in Havana on 3 December, along with the performance artist Tania Bruguera

Jonathan Haidt on academic freedom: “We’re all caught in a minefield”

alt information“We’re all walking through a world in which one word we say can mean misreported — or partly reported — on Twitter and it blows up into something.”

Egypt: “People are being hunted because of what they say on social media”

alt informationAhmad Abdallah from the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms and winner of a 2018 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award, talks about increased violations against free speech in the country

Wendy Funes defies pressures to silence Honduran journalists

alt information“There have been deaths in the country, there are members of the military involved in extrajudicial executions, there is a culture of murdering people.”

Habari RDC working to see young people’s issues taken into account

alt information“We will train our bloggers so that they will be better equipped to confront these issues, but also to enter into a dialogue with the decision-makers"

Museum of Dissidence: “We want to rebuild Cuba but change will not be easy”

alt informationThe Museum of Dissidence, which won the Index Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship for Arts, is supporting a new generation of artists in Cuba to challenge the status quo

Cuban artists arrested ahead of anti-censorship concert

alt informationAuthorities arrested artists Yanelyz Nuñez and Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, MEMBERS OF THE from Otero Alcantara’s home sometime before 6:30am on Saturday 11 August

In colonised Kurdish society even the flowers can be labelled terrorists

alt informationWhen Turkish forces attacked Kurdish villages in the southeast of the country in 2016 after the collapse of a ceasefire between Ankara and the Kurdish Workers’ Party in July 2015, journalist Nurcan Baysal was there to document the human rights violations.

Gang members banned from making “drill” music

alt informationThe Metropolitan Police sought an unprecedented Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) against the teenage and young adult defendants, prohibiting them from making music in the genre

Cuba’s first alternative art biennial: “We built an inclusive space of free creation and true collaboration”

alt informationDespite every effort to stop it in its tracks, Cuba saw the successful completion of its first independent art biennial, organised without the support of the state