Category : Artistic Freedom

Why a naked feminist statue should remain uncensored

alt informationMaggi Hambling's A Sculpture for Mary Wollstonecraft has been roundly criticised, with some trying to censor its nakedness

Victory is Not an Option

alt informationThe Victory is Not an Option exhibition is a great example of how with the right training and preparation controversial art can inspire and reward

Bringing the Story Home – Trojan Horse in Birmingham

alt informationIndex's case study on the production of a play covering the Trojan Horse affair

YA writer inspired by “lost” books to write latest novel

alt informationWhen Dave Connis worked in his local library in Tennessee, contentious books would frequently disappear. They would, he told Index, just “never come back” and instead be “lost” to the world. 

Cartoonists Rights Network International continues to monitor the loss of cartoonists from media outlets around the world

alt informationSince winning the 2019 Index Award for Campaigning, CRNI has been monitoring the situation with Badiucao, a Chinese dissident cartoonist living in exile in Australia

Banned Books Week: Censorship as nightmare

alt informationToni Morrison -- a revered author, critic, professor, and editor of literature focussed on the African-American experience -- died on the evening of 6 August, due to complications from pneumonia. She was 88. 

Banned Books Week: Most challenged books of 2018

alt informationThe top 11 most often banned books of 2018 reveal what kinds of ideas our culture wants to censor -- and what audiences are the most likely to be limited because of censorship.

Banned Books Week: A short history of comic book censorship in America

alt informationNothing defined 20th-century American culture quite like the comic book. But soon after after comics rose in popularity, the industry drew criticism.

Banned Books Week: Book burner to stand trial in Iowa

alt informationPaul Dorr, a director of a Christian organisation, is set to stand trial for burning books he checked out of the Orange City library in Iowa

Is blackfacing beyond the pale?

alt informationRecently ‘blackfacing’ has been highlighted in many cultural manifestations that may not necessarily have been intended to demean Black or other non-white people.

#FlytheFlag: Zehra Doğan’s symbol of resistance

alt informationThe white scarf is the symbol of resistance against pain.