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“I wrote a play then lost my home, my husband and my trust”

alt informationTurkish playwright Meltem Arikan’s Mi Minör was blamed for the seminal Gezi Park protests that convulsed Istanbul

Meltem Arikan: The difference between Wales and Turkey

alt informationWhile touring Wales recently with my new play Enough Is Enough, I thought about what I experienced with my earlier work in Turkey. But which Turkey?

Turkey is a country of blood-sucking spirits

alt informationA poem by Meltem Arikan on the current state of Turkey: The piece of land surrounded by water on three sides is turning into a country where blood-sucking spirits conquer people’s bodies

Meltem Arikan: Colours Dripping Red

alt informationPlaywright and poet Meltem Arikan contributes a new poem reflecting on the Charlie Hebdo attack. How can thoughts be free?

Meltem Arikan: Aren’t women’s voices equivalent to muteness in Turkey?

alt informationIn a new poem written for Index on Censorship, Turkish playwright and author Meltem Arikan explores the status of women in Turkey.

Turkey: Losing the freedom to mourn

alt informationMeltem Arikan shares her anger over the mine disaster that rocked Turkey -- and the arrests that followed.

Meltem Arikan: Creating life with the tools of death

alt informationCreating life with the tools of death, in the middle of a war, in a place where everyday children, women and men of all ages are being killed mercilessly.

Corruption and suppression: Adaptation based on a true story

alt informationPlaywright and author Meltem Arikan guides you on an exploration of a corruption scandal enveloping a country, by imagining the UK as Turkey

Meltem Arikan on Gezi Park: “What had happened to turn all this into a war zone?”

alt informationTurkish author and playwright Meltem Arikan was amongst a small group of people who was accused by senior Turkish politicians and government sponsored media of being the architects of the Gezi Park demonstrations. Arikan shares her personal account of the events