Category : Covid 19 and freedom of expression

Shanghai lockdown shows how far Xi will go to control population

alt informationCriticism of China's Covid-Zero policy is being censored online

Cartoonists being silenced during Covid, report shows

alt informationCartoons make you laugh, wince and - increasingly in this pandemic - angry. We find out why

Governments using virus as cover to restrict newspapers

alt informationSeveral countries have banned publishers from producing and distributing print newspapers and magazines to stop the spread of the Covid virus despite a lack of scientific evidence

150 attacks on media freedom reported in 50 days

alt informationIn the 50 days since Index started tracking incidents where journalists have been attacked or stopped from reporting on Covid-19, we have reported on more than 150 incidents

How FOI laws are being rewritten during the Covid-19 crisis

alt informationGovernments are sweeping information requests under the coronavirus carpet. We must not let them

Coronavirus providing pretext for Modi to increase attacks on press and Muslims

alt informationPress freedom in India continues to be chipped away under Narendra Modi in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, while Muslims are being blamed for the outbreak

Will international companies take on Chinese censorship after the pandemic?

alt informationWill international companies take on China's attitude to censorship after the pandemic? Charlotte Middlehurst reports

The leaders who are dodging questions on coronavirus – and how

alt informationA growing number of world leaders are avoiding questions asked by the media about coronavirus, as we report on our global map monitoring media violations

How coronavirus is affecting free speech in Europe

alt informationAs coronavirus spreads throughout Europe we are seeing several common tactics to undermine our free expression