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Surveillance a growing problem for journalists worldwide say panellists

alt informationIn the first online magazine launch, three journalists discuss the impact of surveillance on media freedom across the globe

The Harpers open debate letter: a reading list

alt informationThe signatories to a letter in Harpers magazine about open debate are familiar to Index magazine

The view from Hong Kong in 1997: an Index reading list

alt informationA reading list of articles from the Index archive when Hongkongers were wondering what the handover from Britain to China would mean

Quiz: How well do you know your privacy facts?

alt informationHow much do you actually know about tracking apps after months of reading about them? Take our quiz and see

Quiz: How well do you know your ‘complicity’ facts?

alt informationTake our quiz to see how well you know your 'complicity' facts

Coronavirus providing pretext for Modi to increase attacks on press and Muslims

alt informationPress freedom in India continues to be chipped away under Narendra Modi in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, while Muslims are being blamed for the outbreak

Viktor Orbán’s power grab leaves Hungary without true democracy

alt informationIn the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán has pushed through emergency laws that have no time limit and enormous potential to limit media freedom

Turkish writers need to “hold people in power” to account

alt informationTurkish author and journalist Kaya Genç answers questions from the Index youth advisory board about watching his colleagues being silenced and how writers can challenge authority

How coronavirus is affecting free speech in Europe

alt informationAs coronavirus spreads throughout Europe we are seeing several common tactics to undermine our free expression

Freedom of expression in India from The Emergency to the present, a reading list

alt informationA reading list of articles from the Index archives covering press freedom, shows of patriotism and online trolling

How is Chinese censorship affecting reporting of the coronavirus?

alt informationChina is not just trying to contain the coronavirus; it is trying to contain and control information about the virus.

Lewis Jennings on time at Index: “It taught me that it’s not just about words on a page”

alt informationFormer editorial assistant at Index Lewis Jennings on how his year-long fellowship at Index, and one magazine in particular, helped him with his next great role