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Spain and censorship, a history, and a reading list

alt informationA reading list of articles about censorship in Spain from the Index archives

Chinese artist Badiucao on why the Hong Kong protesters motivate him to work against the odds

alt informationThe Chinese dissident cartoonist Badiucao discusses the Hong Kong protesters and how the Chinese government is trying to silence him at a private screening of a new film about his life

Autumn magazine launch: Facial recogniton presents perils for privacy

alt information“Put your hand up if you’re concerned at the moment about facial recognition”

US librarian feared people would spit in her food over library books

alt informationLibraries are often the first place children experience the joy of reading. But what happens when a community attempts to censor the collection so that it reflects just one worldview?

Swearing is fucking vital for free speech

alt informationWhy is swearing offensive? Is fuck only a swearword because we’ve all agreed that it is? Are there any benefits of swearing? Would the regulation of swearing compromise the freedom of expression of those being regulated?