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Honouring Bassel Khartabil, Syrian digital activist

alt informationIndex on Censorship mourns the death of 2013 Freedom of Expression Digital Activism Award-winning Bassel Khartabil, who had been held Syrian prisons since 2012.

Advocates from five nations demand their governments respect strong encryption

alt informationOrganisations and individuals from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA sent letters to their respective governments insisting that they defend strong encryption

Jodie Ginsberg: New laws not the way to tackle extremism

alt informationNew laws to limit and surveil speech on and offline are not the way to tackle extremism. Our response must not be to curtail those very freedoms.

Egypt: Groups condemn the government’s blocking of 21 websites

alt informationOn Wednesday 24 May 2017, Egypt banned at least 21 websites, including Al Jazeera television, The Huffington Post and Mada Masr

Venezuela: Groups express concern over deterioration of internet access

alt informationOn 16 May the Venezuelan government issued Executive Order 2489 to extend the "state of emergency" in Venezuela, in place since May 2016

Weakening encryption would harm journalists

alt informationEncrypted communication tools are used by investigative journalists and reporters under fire, as well as businesses and governments, to have safe conversations and to report on difficult and often dangerous situations. Attempts by the UK government to create a backdoor into these services would potentially put lives at risk by making the systems far less […]

Joint letter on internet shutdown in Uganda

alt informationAn international coalition of organisations has called for immediate action to condemn the internet shutdown in Uganda

Fighting to speak freely: balancing privacy and free expression in the information age

alt informationIn a keynote speech at the Internet Librarian International conference, Jodie Ginsberg explored the rights to privacy, security – the right to life – and freedom of expression in an information age

Banning us from watching this video of a criminal act is a step too far

alt informationThere is a difference between individuals exercising their right not to view or share a video, and companies such as Twitter -- or indeed the police force -- denying people the right to view it, writes Index CEO Jodie Ginsberg

Right to be forgotten: A poor ruling, clumsily implemented

alt informationIn practice, the Court of Justice of the European Union's ruling on the "right to be forgotten" was far too blunt, far too broad brush, and gave far too much power to the search engines to be effective.

Groups endorse a United Nations resolution on human rights and the internet 

The following is a transcript of a joint oral statement, led by ARTICLE 19 and supported by several IFEX members, that was read aloud today, 19 June 2014, at the 26th UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva: Thank you Mr. President, Two years ago this Council affirmed by consensus that “the same rights that people […]

Brazil must build on Marco Civil to protect free expression

alt informationWith the adoption of a progressive legislation on internet rights, Brazil is taking the lead in digital freedom, but more works needs to be done to protect freedom of expression.