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The fates of Ukraine and Belarus are intertwined

alt informationA year on from the invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, the stakes in Belarus have never been higher

Those who refuse to despair

alt informationToday, 27 January, is the birthday of our former colleague Andrei Aliaksandrau, another one spent in jail thanks to his opposition to the regime of dictator Alyaksandr Lukashenka in Belarus

Major new global free expression index sees UK ranking stumble across academic, digital and media freedom

alt informationA major new global ranking index tracking the state of free expression is published today

Belarus: Free Andrei and Irina now

alt informationIndex on Censorship and ARTICLE 19 call for charges against human rights defenders to be dropped

A year in freedom of expression

alt informationOur CEO Ruth Anderson reflects on the events of the past 12 months, yet another year of challenges to human rights around the world

Who is 2022’s Tyrant of the Year?

alt informationChoose from our shortlist of 12 despots and vote on who you think has done most to crack down on freedom of expression this year

14-year sentence for Andrei Aliaksandrau “a damning indictment of Lukashenka’s Belarus”

alt informationIndex and ARTICLE 19 call on Belarusian authorities to quash prison terms and release our former colleague, his wife and others from the BelaPAN news agency

“Imagine the conversation between Bolsonaro and Erdogan”

alt informationProtests during mourning for Queen Elizabeth have been distasteful but not illegal. How should we express our feelings about some of the guests attending Monday's state funeral?

Why are the letters of political prisoners in Belarus so cheerful?

alt informationCensorship of communications means that those detained by Lukashenka's regime are not free to express themselves openly