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UK whistleblower Jonathan Taylor finally freed from extradition torment almost one year on

alt informationFormer in-house lawyer for oil firm SBM Offshore now allowed to return home

Whistleblower Jonathan Taylor releases further allegations of corruption

alt informationFormer SBM Offshore employee releases details of multimillion dollar payoffs to a Panamanian company following a cancelled BP deal

Urgent letter to Croatian Minister of Justice: Do not extradite whistleblower Jonathan Taylor

alt informationWhistleblower's evidence contributed to an oil company paying fines amounting to over $US800 million in a corruption and bribery scandal

British whistleblower held overnight in Croatian psychiatric hospital

alt informationOil industry exec arrested on holiday in 2020 hospitalised after embassy alerted police

Doing their masters’ bidding: Media smear campaigns in central and eastern Europe

alt informationUnpatriotic behaviour. Sedition. Being in the pay of shadowy external forces. Faking a neo-Nazi event. These are just a few of the charges that have recently been levelled against independent journalists by pro-government media outlets in several central and eastern European countries.

Croatia: Journalists targeted after reporting on sentences imposed on “war criminals”

alt informationSeveral journalists and news outlets from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina faced death threats following their coverage a war crimes trial

Montenegro: Investigative journalists’ lengthy legal proceedings

alt informationIndependent journalist Jovo Martinovic’s arrest with 13 other individuals during a joint Croatian and Montenegrin police operation on 22 October 2015 began an ongoing ordeal

Croatia: Over 70 journalists axed from public broadcaster since January

alt informationThe cancellation of three radio programmes on 4 July by Croatia's public broadcaster marks the latest in a line of sweeping changes the network has undergone since January 2016.

Dunja Mijatović: Why quality public service media has not caught on in transition societies

alt informationThe battle to establish credible public service broadcasters in transitional democracies has been difficult.

Mapping Media Freedom: Two years of uncovering attacks on Europe’s press

alt informationMapping Media Freedom launched to the public on 24 May 2014. Two years on, the platform has verified over 1,800 media violations

Croatia: Controversial TV show prompts dispute in national media

alt informationWalking around the Zagreb offices of the Electronic Media Council (AEM), Croatia’s broadcast regulator, must have had a distinctive feel to it on 26 January. According to Croatian media, outside the building stood about 5,000 demonstrators singing Croatian patriotic songs, calling for AEM chair Marjana Rakic’s resignation and carrying an effigy of her dressed as […]

Violence against media in Croatia rises, say latest Index reports

alt informationCroatia may be a “free” country, but attacks and threats against journalists remain a serious concern