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Dunja Mijatović: Resisting the urge to over regulate the media

alt informationThe trend towards ramping up the regulation of the media has worrying implications.

Dunja Mijatović: Why bother? A quick take on lying on social media

alt informationBesides the difficulty in determining truth from opinion to a bald-faced lie, the inherent limiting of ideas, including criminalising them, makes us all suffer a little bit.

Dunja Mijatović: The fight against terror should not be a fight against basic human rights

alt informationWe know Europeans want something to be terrorism. Living in a perpetual state of fear is not the natural consequence of living in 21st century liberal democracies. But neither is living in a police state.

Dunja Mijatović : Turkey must treat media freedom for what it really is – a test of democracy

alt informationMedia freedom must be treated for what it really is: a strong test of democracy.

Dunja Mijatović: Why quality public service media has not caught on in transition societies

alt informationThe battle to establish credible public service broadcasters in transitional democracies has been difficult.

Dunja Mijatović: Chronicling infringements on internet freedom is a necessary task

alt informationAs the OSCE Representative on Freedom of Media, I believe that the rights afforded to producers and consumers of traditional media equally apply to new media platforms as well

Dunja Mijatović: Propaganda is ugly scar on face of modern journalism

alt informationThe antidote to propaganda must be a resilient and free media environment

Dunja Mijatović: There is hope that justice can be served in Serbia

alt informationAround 17% of those who commit crimes against journalists face prosecution in Serbia. Believe it or not, these numbers are positive, according to the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media

Dunja Mijatovic: We don’t need new laws limiting speech

alt informationEach autumn, more than 1,000 government and civil society representatives from 57 countries of the OSCE

Dunja Mijatović: Online threats of killing, rape and violence everyday reality for too many female journalists

alt informationNo job comes without sacrifices, but how many downgrading comments, criticism or even threats can one person take before it becomes too much?

Dunja Mijatović: The good fight must continue

alt informationMedia freedom advocates must continue to move forward and provide the defenses necessary for free expression and free media to flourish. Complacency is not an option. Solidarity, however, is.