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Battle of Ideas: Is anything private anymore?

alt information“How do we form a contract of trust with those with whom we are communicating?” asked Index CEO Jodie Ginsberg at a debate on privacy at the Battle of Ideas

Autumn magazine launch: Facial recogniton presents perils for privacy

alt information“Put your hand up if you’re concerned at the moment about facial recognition”

Forest Folktales explore grisly tales of love and adventure

alt informationIndex on Censorship’s Forest Folktales: Uncensored did not take place in a mystical fairyland, but rather at this year’s Latitude Festival

Spend your summer with Index

alt informationOn Tuesday 2 July, we'll be debating press freedom and Julian Assange at the Frontline Club. Index CEO Jodie Ginsberg joins former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, columnist and broadcaster David Aaronovitch, journalist Vaughan Smith and columnist Suzanne Moore to discuss Assange and his work. Chaired by journalist Robin Lustig.

Article 19 launches campaign calling for more transparency and accountability around online content removal

alt informationThe Missing Voices campaign seeks to counteract censorship and consolidate laws and community standards wherever possible.

State security v freedom of the press: Protecting sources does not mean journalists are pro-terrorism

alt informationIn discussing the scope of the recent Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019, international human rights lawyer Alex Bailin QC called the powers created by the new legislation “breathtakingly broad.”

China and Tiananmen: Dangerous truth

alt informationIndex on Censorship magazine editor Rachael Jolley marks the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre in conversation with journalist Tania Branigan and academic Jeff Wasserstrom. They were joined by author Xinran, who shared her memories.

Lifting the curtain on censorship: Noel Coward’s banned plays brought to life

alt informationMarking the 50th anniversary of the end of UK theatre censorship, Index hosted an educational and interactive workshop with young people at the British Library

Birth, marriage and death: Confronting taboos at Index winter magazine launch

alt information“I found it empowering to be told I couldn't talk about something," said Gabby Edlin, founder of Bloody Good Period on the topic of period taboos at the launch of the winter Index on Censorship magazine

Are storytelling and appealing to emotions valid ways of arguing, debate panellists at Index autumn magazine launch

alt information“Robust challenges” should be sought-after rather than silencing those who share different views, said @timandraharkness @indexcensorship event

How the publishing industry systemically silences voices from marginalised groups

alt informationWhen Sunny Singh was writing her last novel, “Hotel Arcadia,” featuring an Indian protagonist caught in a terrorist siege, she received a response from a publisher she didn’t expect: “We already have our female war correspondent novel of the year.” They didn’t need another one.

Noel Coward’s censored plays brought to life at British Library

alt informationMarking the 50th year anniversary of the end of UK theatre censorship ushered in by the Theatres Act of 1968, Index on Censorship hosted The Lord Chamberlain Regrets - Theatre and Censorship workshop looking at Noel Coward's controversial plays.