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Public Order

alt informationAn artistic performance or exhibition may present material or themes that cause offence to members of the public or members of different social groups.

Counter Terrorism

alt informationCounter-terrorism is a complex and controversial area of the law, not least because the offences are often very widely drafted.

Child Protection

alt informationChild protection is a sensitive area of law and a deserved focus of public concern. The prospect of a police investigation alone will be a matter of substantial press interest, while an actual prosecution, although unlikely in the professional arts sector, would nevertheless result in grave consequences for the gallery and the artist.

Words and Deeds: Incitement, hate speech and the right to free expression

alt informationThe importance of free expression is as great as ever, as is the need to debate openly difficult issues – ones which may cause pain, offence, anger. Nobody ever said free expression was easy.

Beyond Belief: Policing free expression

alt informationAhead of tonight's event The Artist and The Censor, we're reposting our 2011 study about the policing of free expression.

Index report: Can Brazil be the global referee for internet freedom?

alt informationWorld Cup host country Brazil has the potential to become an influential, global leader in digital rights -- but that will depend on key decisions taken in the coming months

Burma: The art of transition

alt informationThe Art of Transition Symposium in Yangon was a significant event in the unfolding drive towards democracy in Burma, providing a public platform to discuss how changing political and social conditions are affecting artistic freedoms.

Life After Leveson: The UK media in 2014

Britain has always had a complicated relationship with the free press. On the one hand, Milton’s Apologia, Mill’s On Liberty, Orwell’s volleys at censorship and propaganda. On the other hand, there is a sense that journalists, editors and proprietors are at best incompetent and at worst genuinely venal people whose sole interest is making others […]

Belarus: Time for media reform

alt informationIn a new policy paper, launched today in Minsk, Index on Censorship calls for the much-needed reforms of the media field in Belarus.

The EU and free expression: Human rights dialogues

alt informationTo promote freedom of expression and other human rights, the EU has 30 ongoing human rights dialogues with supranational bodies, but also large economic powers such as China.

Time to step up: The EU and freedom of expression

alt informationTime to Step Up: The EU and freedom of expression, looks at freedom of expression both within the European Union's 28 member states and how this union defends freedom of expression in the wider world.

India: Digital freedom under threat?

alt informationThe rules India makes for its online users are highly significant – for not only will they apply to 1 in 6 people on earth in the near future as more Indians go online, but as the country emerges as a global power they will shape future debates over freedom of expression online.