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ECRF: As long as there are people defending human rights in Egypt, there is hope

alt informationThe Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, winner of the 2018 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award for Campaigning, is one of the few remaining human rights organisations in Egypt

Egypt sentences Amal Fathy for video on sexual harassment

alt informationIndex on Censorship condemns the sentence handed down to Amal Fathy - an Egyptian woman who made a video about her experience of sexual harassment.

NGOs call for full repeal of Egypt’s “cybercrime” law and block of dangerous law regulating media

alt informationIndex on Censorship joins a coalition of some of the world’s leading human rights and digital rights organisations to call for full repeal of Egypt’s “cybercrime” law

Eight years for a Facebook video: Egypt must immediately release Mona el-Mazbouh

alt informationOver 25 NGOs call for the immediate and unconditional release of imprisoned Lebanese tourist Mona el-Mazbouh

Doughty Street Chambers: Egypt’s arbitrary detention of Amal Fathy clear violation of her rights

alt informationLeading human rights lawyers from Doughty Street Chambers have submitted a new complaint to the United Nations regarding Egypt’s treatment of Amal Fathy, the detained wife of a co-founder of the award-winning human rights group the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms (ECRF).

Egyptian activist Amal Fathy’s pre-trial detention extended by 15 days

alt informationFathy has been in pre-trial detention since her arrested after publishing a video criticising sexual harassment in Egypt, during which time she has shown symptoms of acute stress and has been unable to walk unassisted

Egypt: Activist Amal Fathy to appear in court on 15 July

alt informationFathy stands accused of “belonging to a banned group”, promoting “ideas calling for terrorist acts” and “disseminating false news”

Human rights groups demand Egypt release Amal Fathy

alt informationHuman rights groups expressed growing concern about Egyptian campaigner Amal Fathy and urged authorities to release her immediately.

Project Exile: After hunger strike, Egyptian journalist in Qatar fears return

alt information“I face probably a life sentence or maybe even worse. The idea of not being able to go back to your own country…is just heartbreaking.”

Human rights activist Amal Fathy’s arrest comes amid wider crackdown in Egypt

alt informationAccusations of “inciting hatred against the state” and “using social media to spread fake news” are being used to silence government critics.