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Turkey’s journalists have sacrificed their freedom in the pursuit of truth

alt informationRecent developments in Turkey, once seen as a role model of the Muslim world, have shown that concepts such as the rule of law and right to free speech are no longer welcome by the Erdogan government

Cumhuriyet journalists: Imprisoned for changing editorial policy

alt informationCumhuriyet journalists and executives face trial beginning Monday 24 July for abetting the failed 15 July 2016 coup against the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Padraig Reidy: The paranoid style in Turkish politics

alt informationWhat’s wrong with Turkey? Or, more to the point what is wrong with Turkey’s president that makes him so determined to fight, like a two a.m. drunk vowing to take on all comers?

Turkey: “Free journalists” challenge courts

The trial of several accused of being involved in an alleged plot to overthrow the government had degraded the status of press freedom in the country, writes Ece Temelkuran

Turkish court censors book before publication

An Istanbul court has ordered the seizure of all of investigative journalist Ahmet Sik’s work on his incomplete book The Army of the Imam. His manuscript explores the connection between the police and the group headed by Turkish Imam Fethullah Gülen. Sik was close to finishing the work when he was arrested in March. Gülen […]

Appeal against book confiscation order denied by Turkish court

A Turkish court has denied an appeal of a court order for the confiscation of the unpublished book “İmamın Ordusu” or The Imams Army, written by politically outspoken (and arrested) journalist Ahmet Şık. The court claimed that the unpublished draft had been edited by Ergenekon, the alleged coup-plotting organization, and declared the manuscript to be […]

Turkish court refuses to release detained journalists

A Turkish court rejected an application for the provisional release of reporters Ahmet Sik and Nedim Sener on Thursday. They were arrested on 3 March during raids relating to the alleged Ergenekon plot. They will now be imprisoned pending trial on the charge of belonging to a “terrorist organisation”.

Protesters in Istanbul demand journalists’ release

Thousands of people gathered in the centre of Istanbul on Sunday to protest against the imprisonment of journalists Ahmet Sik and Nedim Sener. The reporters were detained as part of an official crackdown over the alleged Ergenekon plot.  The demonstration was organised by the Freedom for Journalists platform (GÖP) to highlight the abuse of press freedom in […]

Arrest of Turkish reporters raises doubts over Ergenekon case

For many journalists and opinion leaders who supported Ergenekon investigations, reporters' arrests are absurd, says Kaya Genç