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#IndexAwards2018: Open Stadiums challenges Iran’s restrictions on women

alt informationThese anonymous women are fighting against the restrictions on Iranian women's use of public spaces, including stadiums.

Barret Brown saga comes to a close with worrying implications for journalists

alt informationLast Tuesday “hacktivist journo” Barrett Brown pled guilty in a US court after a long-running battle with the FBI. He had reported on a high-profile Anonymous hack as well as posting provocative videos on YouTube baiting FBI officials. Alastair Sloan reports

“Hyperlink” charges against Barrett Brown dropped in “victory for press freedom”

alt informationThe case continues to highlight the question, are journalists complicit in a crime when sharing illegally obtained information in the course of their professional duties? Christian Stork reports

The link that landed a journalist in jail and gagged the press

alt informationJosh Stearns of Free Press reports on journalist Barrett Brown who could face a 100-year prison term if he’s found guilty for linking to stolen information. He didn’t steal this information himself, nor did he post it online. He simply linked to it.

Beacons of freedom: The changing face of Anonymous

alt informationOnline irreverent political protest is here to stay. But, asks Gabriella Coleman, what will be the legacy for digital freedom?

India: Government debates cyber censorship, ‘hacktivists’ hack government websites

Hacktivists have targeted two Indian government websites, as discussions of internet regulation took place in parliament. The websites of India’s apex court and the ruling Congress party were hacked in an apparent protest against the censorship of some websites by the Indian government. Hacking group Anonymous, who have protested the closures of video sharing websites Pirate Bay and […]

UK: Anonymous downs Virgin Media site over Pirate Bay censorship

Notorious hacking group Anonymous targeted Virgin Media yesterday, to protest the blocking of file-sharing website The Pirate Bay. The attack forced the internet service provider to take its website offline for one hour. Around the time of the attack, a Twitter account which has been linked to the group read: #Anonymous have just taken down #VirginMedia […]

Turkey: Thirty-two computer hackers arrested in police raids

Turkish police yesterday arrested 32 computer hackers who are suspected of links with the anti-government hacker collective, Anonymous. Over the weekend cyber attacks were launched on a number of government sites to protest against proposed net filtering legislation which is expected to be passed later this year. Police raided the homes of 12 homes in […]

Anonymous member jailed over Scientology cyber attacks

Brian Mettenbrink of Nebraska was sentenced this week to one year in prison and a $20,000 fine for orchestrating the DDoS attacks against the Church of Scientology’s website in 2008. Mettenbrink admitted to being a member of the group Anonymous, who staged a series of online attacks on Scientology websites as a protest over the […]