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Azerbaijan: new law will leave NGOs in limbo

An oppressive new set of rules on the free expression of civil society groups will put Azerbaijan on a par with its totalitarian neighbours, says Vugar Gojayev

Azerbaijan: Reading about God is dangerous

Azerbaijan has a new, harsher religion law and new penalties for producing, selling, circulating, importing and exporting religious literature without state permission, reports Felix Corley of Forum 18

Amnesty award for jailed Azeri journalist

Azerbaijani newspaper editor, Eynulla Fatullayev who was jailed after criticising his government has been given Amnesty International’s award for journalism under threat. Read more here

Journalists’ Trade Union (JuHI)

The Journalists’ Trade Union’s main goals are the protection of the social, economic and labour rights of people working in mass media and the development of the freedom of expression and press in Azerbaijan.

Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS)

The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) is an organisation that monitors violence against journalists and violations of journalists’ rights in Azerbaijan.

Satirist beaten in jail

Azerbaijani satirist and government critic Sakit Zakhidov, known by his pen name, Mirza Sakit, was brutally beaten in jail on 18 October, local media activists have told Index on Censorship.

Azerbaijan goes to polls with weakened media

President Aliyev’s tight grip on the press has severely damaged his country’s democracy, writes Vugar Gojayev

Opposition journalist in Azerbaijan attacked

Journalist Agil Khalil of the opposition newspaper Azadlig had an attempt made on his life on 7 May, when someone tried to push him under an underground train. Later that day, two men grabbed him near the newspaper’s office. Khalil believes it was an attempted kidnapping. He had told the authorities on several occasions that […]

Azerbaijan: Journalist beaten

Agil Khalilov, a reporter for the Azerbaijani daily paper Azadlig, was beaten whilst filming an illegal land sale.

Reporters sentenced to hard labour

A court in Baku, Azerbijan, has sentenced two journalists to hard labour following their conviction for libel. The charges related to articles they published in 2007 regarding alleged corruption in government circles.

Azerbaijan: the Baku Massacre

alt informationIn this issue, Index publishes previously unseen photographs from the Baku Massacre and a first-hand account of what happened on 19 January 1990.