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Four places where social media could land you in jail

alt informationFacebook has nearly 1.2 billion monthly active users –that’s nearly 20% of the total global population. Yet, in some countries harsh sanctions and time in jail can be imposed on those who comment on social media, in the majority of cases for speaking out against their government.

Index on Censorship Student Blogging Competition

Think you have what it takes to be published by Index on Censorship? Here's your chance to find out. Enter our student blogging competition! To enter the competition, submit your piece with your name, university, course and year of study, to [email protected]

Tunisia: Anonymous political cartoonist under fire

Anonymous renowned Tunisian caricaturist _Z_ is under fire. His bold caricaturist style, no stranger to his fans, has landed him in trouble. For years, his caricatures mocked Ben Ali’s autocratic and corrupt regime. The regime censored his caricatures, but did not succeed in tracking him down and exposing his identity. In 2009, police arrested blogger […]

Bloggers don't do it for the money, Leveson Inquiry told

Blogger and media lawyer David Allen Green has praised social media at the Leveson Inquiry today. Green, legal commentator at the New Statesman, argued that bloggers and Twitter users should not be viewed as “rogues”, adding that social media users often act responsibly and regulate themselves by being transparent. “Most alleged abuses by people using social […]

Egyptian blogger Maikel sentenced to two years in prison

Detained Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil has reportedly been sentenced to two years in prison for insulting SCAF. View the story “Maikel Nabil sentenced to two years in prison” on Storify]

Egyptian blogger denied release misses birth of child

Detained blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah (@alaa) was denied a request to be released from detention by the High State Security Court on 5 December, preventing him from being present for the birth of his son the next day. A Cairo-based media collective called Mosireen made a video showing the blogger at his trial, followed by […]

Egypt: Case of hunger striking blogger adjourned again

The retrial of Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil was postponed again on Sunday. The case, which was originally due to be heard on November 1, has been pushed back to December 4. Nabil was detained for accusing the military of having conducted virginity tests on female protesters on March 28. In April, Nabil was sentenced by a […]

Maldives: Government shuts down blog in climate of growing religious intolerance

The Maldivan government has ordered a ban on the blog of a freelance writer on the grounds it contained anti-Islamic material. The blog (, run by independent journalist Ismail Khilath “Hilath” Rasheed, has been banned by the Communications Authority, and is said to be highly critical of religious fundamentalism. The blogger believes his site has been targeted […]

International rights groups condemn unfair trial of UAE 5

Index on Censorship and six other international rights groups call for the five activists known as the UAE 5 to be released from detention and the charges against them to be dropped

Alaa: Arrest of blogger mobilises opposition to Egypt’s military rulers

Prolific Egyptian blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah was detained on Sunday after refusing to be interrogated by a military investigator, insisting on his right to be tried before a civil court. Rasha Abdulla reports Egyptian blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah (@alaa) was jailed on 30 October for 15 days pending investigation after refusing to be interrogated by a […]

Bahrain: Court upholds lengthy prison sentences for journalists

The lengthy prison sentences of two journalists have been upheld in Bahrain. Journalistic bloggers Abduljalil Alsingace and Ali Abdel Imam were sentenced in June on a series of charges related to “plotting to topple” the regime, along with 19 other people. The court upheld the life sentence for Alsingace and the 15 year sentence to Abdel Imam. Additionally in […]

Russia: Bill for stricter responsibility for online libel drafted

A new bill introducing stricter responsibility for online libel has been proposed by the head of United Russia political party. Alexander Mikhelson has introduced legislation on creating and spreading false information via the internet following online rumours that governor of the Kemerovo region, Aman Tuleyeve, was found dead. Elsewhere in Russia, businessman and former millionaire Alexey Kozlov […]