Honduras: “Journalism for life” demonstrator receives death threats

An independent journalist and human rights campaigner in Honduras has received several death threats following her involvement in a free expression march last month. Itsmania Pineda Platero was told “We’ll skin you alive, bitch!” in one of four death threats over three days. During one of the calls, there was the sound of a gun being loaded in the background. Platero walked at the forefront of the “Journalism for life and free expression” march on 13 December, which was violently dispersed by soldiers and members of the presidential guard.

Colombia: Journalists threatened by paramilitary group

Journalists and human rights groups in Colombia have received alarming threats from Aguilas Negras, an extreme right wing paramilitary group. The groups and individuals received a document signed by the “Central Command of the Black Eagles” warning them that their lives are in danger.  Aguilas Negras has targeted journalists in the past: one report accused the group of imposing a “reign of terror, killing journalists or forcing them to censor themselves or flee the country”.

Ivory Coast: Death threats to journalists

Two reporters have received death threats from people believed to be members of pro-Gbago militias, while one was threatened for being pro-Gbago. Madeleine Tanou and Kesy B. Jacobs were approached on separate occasions, accused of being critical of the Gbago government and threatened with being skinned alive. Assomon Anoh, meanwhile, was threatened by members of an anti-Gbago militia for synchronizing his station’s programme with that of Gbagbo controlled state-owned Ivorian Broadcasting Corporation (RTI).