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Wendy Funes: Despite the pain that violence has left in Honduras it is wonderful to see a world with so much solidarity

alt information“Despite my fears and the pain that violence has left in my country, it has been wonderful to see that it has been worthwhile to dream in a world with so much solidarity”

Wendy Funes: Fear is a weapon used against the vulnerable in Honduras

alt informationFunes worries violence has become “normalised” in Honduras and that the shooting and wounding of journalist Geovanny Sierra is just the latest example

Why we find it impossible to talk about birth, death and marriage

alt informationBirth, marriage and death–these are key staging posts. And that’s one reason why this issue looks at how taboos around these subjects have a critical impact on our world.

Wendy Funes defies pressures to silence Honduran journalists

alt information“There have been deaths in the country, there are members of the military involved in extrajudicial executions, there is a culture of murdering people.”

Honduras: False story seeks to discredit digital newspaper Reporteros de Investigacion

alt informationTwo days after the publication of an investigation into alleged inappropriate behaviour by a member of a Honduran military unit involving young female students, digital newspaper Reportero de Investigacion was targeted with a misleading story that purported to be from the outlet.

Media freedom in Honduras: “The noose is tightening”

alt information“The noose is tightening around the Honduran people more than ever,” says Dana Frank, professor at UC Santa Cruz, specialising in human rights and US policy in post-coup Honduras, adding that with this comes increased repression of the media.

#IndexAwards2018: Wendy Funes fearlessly pursues investigative journalism in Honduras

alt information Investigative journalist and activist, Wendy Funes risks her life in Honduras to report on violence against women and human rights violations.

Media freedom in Honduras: Index speaks with Dina Meza

alt informationSince 1992 Honduran journalist Dina Meza has been investigating corruption and violations of free speech throughout South America, including the murder of journalists in Honduras

Duncan Tucker: Financial pressures are undermining Latin America’s media

alt informationMounting financial pressures are robbing many of Latin America's media outlets of their objectivity and forcing them to toe pro-government lines.

#IndexAwards2017: Arcoiris fights tirelessly for LGBT rights in Honduras

alt informationArcoiris works at all levels of Honduran society to advance LGBT rights and provide support to many victims of violence

Global heroes battling censorship announced in Index Freedom of Expression Awards shortlist

alt informationSixteen courageous individuals and organisations who fight for freedom of expression in every part of the world