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ACTA voted down by European Parliament

The European Parliament today voted to throw out the controversial¬†Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). The legislation, which was introduced to combat piracy, came under fire from activists who warned that its vague language threatened digital freedom. In December, the treaty was signed by all 27 government heads included in the European Union, but was not ratified. […]

Dynamics of digital freedom

Last week we hosted a conference with the Global Network Initiative (GNI), where we had a heated debate around surveillance, security, and freedom of expression. Check out the conversation here.

Privacy is dead!

alt informationIn this issue, Index explores whether privacy is the friend or foe of free speech, as it is now one of the central issues of the digital communications age.

The net effect

alt informationHow technology continues to transform the culture of activism, but also how it's not popular to view it more cautiously as past of a long game.