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Turkey’s rising censorship: How did we get here?

alt informationThe spotlight has been on Turkey following the attempted coup against President Recep Erdogan and the government’s ensuing crackdown on journalists, teachers, judges and soldiers. How did it come to this?

Egypt: Prime minister suspends controversial film

alt informationRights activists and groups say the removal of Halawet Rooh (Beauty of the Soul) from theatres is part of a wider clampdown on artistic expression. Shahira Amin reports

Arrests in Kenya over banned Wolf of Wall Street

alt informationTwo people could face up to five years in prison for selling the film

The Wolf of Wall Street banned in Kenya

alt information"We believe the Kenyan public deserves better," says the Kenya Film Classification Board

India: Kumar versus the censor

Despite making two award-winning documentaries, Indian filmmaker Ashvin Kumar has faced difficulty having his films shown. Mahima Kaul reports on his battle with India's Censor Board

Censors ensure China's film fans are missing the big picture

Daisy Williams: Censors ensure China's film fans are missing the big picture

Index Index – International free speech round up 01/02/13

Index Index - International free speech round up 01/02/13

China: Censors erase 13 minutes from ‘Men in Black 3’ to remove Chinese villains

China’s film censors have erased 13 minutes of footage from the new Men in Black film to remove the appearance of Chinese villains. Beijing’s censors have removed a scene showing an alien disguised as a Chinese restaurant worker, along with the appearance of a Chinese cashier girl who uses her long alien tongue to attack Will […]

Egypt: Oscar-winning Iranian film banned from screening at Cairo University

An Egyptian university banned the screening of an award winning Iranian film last week. The film A Separation”was due to be screened at Cairo University on 8 March, but objections from fundamentalist university groups led to the screening permit to be revoked. The film, which has won several international awards, tackles issues relating to immigration. The fundamentalist groups […]

Malta: Censorship laws revamp announced

The Maltese government have announced plans to over-haul censorship laws which affect stage performances and films. A three week consultation process has been launched with regards to newly proposed laws which aim to “fulfil the aspirations of the artistic community.” Tourism and Culture Minister Mario de Marco explained that the proposed amendments will move towards a system […]

China: Tighter film censorship plans in place

The Chinese government is planning to tighten its already strict film censorship rules. A proposal from the State Council, released on their website earlier today, is part of a draft law which proposes to ban anti-government sentiments and messages of religious fanaticism from the cinema screen. If passed, the bill, which comes during a box-office boom in China, […]

Iran: Actress sentenced to year in prison for censorship film

On 8 October, Actress Marzieh Vafamehr was sentenced to 90 lashes and a year in jail for her performance in a film exploring censorship of artists in Iran, according to reports from, an Iranian opposition website. Vafamehr was in a controversial film called “My Tehran for Sale”, which is about a young actress who takes on a secret […]