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Now you see it, now you don't

Jo Glanville: Now you see it, now you don't

Smashed Hits on air: Part Two

Smashed Hits on air: Part two

Blair memoirs censorship row

Emily Butselaar: Blair memoirs censorship row

Defining bona fide protest

Jo Glanville responds: Narrow definitions of a bona fide protester smack of Victorian ideals of the deserving poor --- Index defends everyone's right to protest

Brett Lock on the white noise of protest

Unanimous backing for real freedom of the press

Aside from exposing the sins of News International, today’s MPs report boosts our campaign for libel reform, writes Jo Glanville This article was first published in the Independent. At the press conference launching the select committee’s report on press standards, privacy and libel, all that anyone wanted to talk about was the News of the […]

Godot to the rescue

Samuel Beckett wrote a play for Václav Havel when he was in jail. On being freed, Havel returned the favour. It was the making of a great dramatic double-act, reprised this week by Index on Censorship. Jo Glanville reports

In defence of Suzanne Breen

Jo Glanville on how production orders are being used to intimidate the press

This is legal blackmail

Britain’s libel laws are a malign force far beyond just celebrity journalism. Radical reform is overdue, writes Jo Glanville

Modern Liberty: free speech must be for all

The United Nations’ retreat from defending free expression is at odds with the concept of universal rights, says Jo Glanville

Index on Censorship at Modern Liberty

More on the Convention on Modern Liberty

Index on Censorship on Newsnight

Index on Censorship editor Jo Glanville was a guest on the BBC’s Newsnight on Thursday night, discussing the Geert Wilders controversy. You can watch it here (five minutes in).

Index on Censorship on Night Waves

Index on Censorship editor Jo Glanville and contributor Kenan Malik will be discussing the fallout from Ayatollah Khomeini’s death sentence on Salman Rushdie on BBC Radio 3’s Night Waves tonight. Here’s the blurb: Matthew Sweet presents a Night Waves Landmark dedicated to one of the most politically controversial novels of recent times: Salman Rushdie’s Satanic […]