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“You can ban my cartoons, but you cannot ban my mind”

alt information“This is a key to realms of wonder, but it's also a deadly weapon, a weapon of mass distraction”, UK cartoonist Martin Rowson said, describing a pen, as he opened a discussion about censorship and repression of political cartoonists.

Satire on the front line: Aseem Trivedi and Martin Rowson

alt informationAseem Trivedi will join Martin Rowson in London to discuss, draw and debate freedom of expression and solidarity across borders.

6 Aug: What’s the taboo? at Wilderness

alt informationJoin Index on Censorship for a fast and furious quiz exploring what you can and can't say in today's society

Drawing pressure: Cartoons go under the hammer in support of Index on Censorship

alt informationAuction of cartoons by world-renowned editorial cartoonists will benefit Index's work with persecuted writers and artists

Drawing out the dark side: Martin Rowson

alt informationWhen it comes to depicting war, humour can be a critic’s most dangerous weapon, says Martin Rowson as he trips through the history of cartoons

Student reading lists: threats to academic freedom

alt informationTo tie in with the release of Index's summer 2015 issue on academic freedom, Index put together a reading list of articles looking at the issues surrounding freedom of speech in universities from all over the world.

Student reading lists: comedy and censorship

alt informationThis reading list collates a number of articles looking at the relationship between comedy and censorship, including a recent piece by Samm Farai Monro aka Comrade Fatso

Staying silent is not an option, says persecuted Malaysian cartoonist Zunar

alt informationZulkiflee Anwar Haque, aka Zunar, is facing nine charges and 43 years in prison under Malaysia's sedition act, with the trial set to start on 20 May

14 May: Zunar in conversation with Martin Rowson

alt informationOne week before his trial for sedition, the Malaysian cartoonist will share his story through words and pictures

Words and Deeds: Incitement, hate speech and the right to free expression

alt informationThe importance of free expression is as great as ever, as is the need to debate openly difficult issues – ones which may cause pain, offence, anger. Nobody ever said free expression was easy.

Erdogan cartoons: how artists responded to case against a Turkish colleague

alt informationWhen political cartoonist Musa Kart faced nine years in prison for “insulting” President Erdogan, his colleagues from around the world showed solidarity through their own caricatures