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Padraig Reidy: We all seem to be grieving for newspapers

alt informationPut two British journalists in a room and talk will likely turn to the managed decline of the newspaper industry in western Europe and the US. Padraig Reidy will miss the news agents most.

Murder leads to a print news blackout in India

alt informationIn the aftermath of a murder of a delivery driver and discovery of explosive devices in his van, a small underground group took responsibility, but news editors refused to carry the group’s statement, leading to a print blackout in Manipur. Mahima Kaul reports

Private daily newspapers return to Burma

Mike Harris: Private daily newspapers return to Burma

Index on Censorship’s response to the Leveson report

alt informationThe Leveson Report will become a benchmark for press regulation in modern democracies. Index has urged a serious, considered debate about Lord Justice Leveson’s recommendations rather than their full adoption. The free speech organisation opposes the statutory underpinning of press regulation as proposed by Lord Justice Leveson.

“Horrible disaster” brewing in Taiwanese media sector

The $600m sale of Next Media, one of Taiwan's most popular media companies, has raised the spectre of a media monopoly that could be disastrous for press freedom on the island. Ching-Yi Liu and Weiping Li report

Index: Leveson goes too far

Kirsty Hughes outlines Index's issues with the press inquiry's recommendations Press release: Index on Censorship’s response to the Leveson report

Azerbaijan at 20: Little progress on free speech

As Azerbaijan celebrates 20 years of independence, Index on Censorship tracks its citizens' struggle for free expression

Sudan’s new press laws will threaten free speech

A flawed media law already hampers the work of journalists in Sudan. But now the government is considering introducing even more restrictions. Abdelgadir Mohamed Abdelgadir reports

Cambodia: Two critical newspapers shut down

Two newspapers critical of the Cambodian ruling party were shut down permanently, while five men were convicted of “provocation” for distributing pamphlets critical of the state last week, according to the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights (CCHR). The pamphlets discussed the Cambodian government’s ties to the Vietnamese government, accusing Prime Minister Hun Sen of selling […]

News of the World fallout could change Britain’s media culture

Axing the PCC means re-examining the balance of privacy v public interest – but will investigative journalism pay the price?
PLUS: Rohan Jayasekera: Making a courtroom drama out of a media crisis
John Kampfner: Britain’s media must start policing itself

Making a courtroom drama out of a media crisis

News International’s Hackgate scandal does not justify state press regulation, argues Rohan Jayasekera PLUS: John Kampfner: Britain’s media must start policing itself

Mexico’s regional press falls silent

A new report shows Mexico's regional newspapers keep quiet on cartel killings. Ana Arana reports