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Nick Clegg kills Snooper’s Charter – for now

Padraig Reidy: Clegg kills Snooper's Charter - for now

Index: Leveson goes too far

Kirsty Hughes outlines Index's issues with the press inquiry's recommendations Press release: Index on Censorship’s response to the Leveson report

Libel reform: politicians must deliver on promises

The UK government’s Defamation Bill goes to the House of Lords for its second reading debate today. Michael Harris explains why it's vital that the government acts to protect free speech International NGOs to UK government: Protect us, strengthen libel law reforms

Merkel and Clegg raise Belarus banking concerns

The German chancellor and UK Deputy Prime Minister pledged more action on Belarus’s human rights abuses at a Warsaw summit

Libel reform victory

Index on Censorship celebrates Nick Clegg's commitment to overhaul England’s much-criticised libel laws