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Djibouti: Radio journalist threatened and tortured for 24 hours

A radio journalist was abducted and tortured by police last week in Djibouti, Africa. Farah Abadid Hildid of radio station La Voix de Djibouti, was forced into a car by one uniformed police officer and one plain clothed officer on Thursday morning. The journalist was blindfolded and taken to a cell, where he was forced to remove his clothes, […]

Vietnam: Authorities drop charges against blogger

Vietnamese authorities have dropped charges against a female blogger who was detained for :infringing on the interests of the state”. She was arrested for defamation after describing a senior official’s son as a womanizer. Le Nguyen Huong Tra, who blogged under the pseudonym Co Gai Do Long, was arrested last October and released on bail […]

DRC: Radio journalist charged with defamation

A Congolese journalist who was arrested on 7 October has been charged with defamation. Kasereka Taipa, who works for local radio station Moto Oicha, and also reports for radio Victoire Horizon, had accused the national intelligence agency (ANR) of levying a tax on anyone wanting to build a permanent structure. After being detained at ANR […]

Peru: radio director facing 10 years in prison

Geovanni Acate, director of Radio Televisión Oriente, is facing a 10-year prison sentence after being charged with disrupting public tranquility and instigating the public to commit the crime of rebellion. Geovanni Acate, as Radio La Voz and other radio stations in the region, has been persecuted after reporting on the protests that took place in […]

Argentina: journalist’s car burned

On 28 March, unknown persons attacked and burned the car of journalist Adela Gómez, from Radio 21, in Santa Cruz province (southern part of Argentina). The attack took place while her car was parked outside Gómez’s house. The journalist is well know in the area for her investigations on local polical power. “I don’t know […]