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Editorial: Talking shop

alt informationThe number of people listening to radio stations is on the rise, and with the arrival of podcasting this old form of media is having a rebirth.

Joint letter on internet shutdown in Uganda

alt informationAn international coalition of organisations has called for immediate action to condemn the internet shutdown in Uganda

Philip Pullman, Jimmy Wales, and Steve McQueen join call for Angola to drop charges against investigative journalist

Rafael Marques de Morais was last week given a suspended sentence following a criminal defamation trial related to his 2011 book on blood diamonds, published for the first time in English on June 2

From drones to floating smartphones: how technology is helping African journalists investigate

alt informationData journalist Raymond Joseph reports on how low-cost technology is helping African newsrooms get hold of information that they couldn't previously track

Namibia: Journalist attacked as rushed constitutional changes raise red flags

Controversy surrounded the Namibian parliament's recent decision to make 40 amendments to the country's constitution without consulting civil society or the wider public. Gwen Lister reports

South Africa’s new “ministry of propaganda” aims to control free flow of information

alt informationThe new ministry of communication seems a direct intervention to stem negative publicity for President Jacob Zuma and the ANC, Christi van der Westhuizen

Swaziland: On trial for criticising the judicial system

alt informationHuman rights lawyer Thulani Maseko and journalist and editor Bheki Makhubu return to court today facing charges of "scandalising the judiciary" and "contempt of court" for writing about corruption and lack of impartiality, writes Gia Armstrong

Kenyan politician wants to ban miniskirts and tight trousers

alt informationMember of Kilifi County Assembly to table bill he says is aimed at restoring decency. Duke Mangera reports

Kenya: Coverage of Kenyatta ICC case could be stifled by repressive media laws

alt informationWhile testing Kenya's eagerness to confront the legacy of 2007 these cases offer up a further test; the ability of Kenya’s media institutions, journalists and citizens to freely interrogate the proceedings. Nik Williams reports

Zambia: How much can a new constitution really change?

alt informationAfter countless missed deadlines, Zambia is finally making progress towards a new constitution. But real change will require more than just a piece of paper. Paul Carlucci of Think Africa Press reports on the progress

Sudan: Sound and fury

alt informationFrom the magazine: The Bishop of Bradford Nick Baines discusses the persecution of Christians in Sudan at a time when minorities are feeling the heavy hand of a leader intent on silencing them

African convention on cybercrimes could silence free speech online

The African Union Convention on Cybersecurity could be amended after suggestions it will limit freedom of expression online