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Jean-Paul Marthoz: Commercial interference in the European media

alt informationJean-Paul Marthoz explores how commercial interference can impact journalism in Europe.

Turkey: Erdogan tightens the digital screws on free expression

Turkey's new internet restrictions -- rushed through in early September -- spell trouble for the country's press. Catherine Stupp reports.

Erdogan’s threat to shut down social media is warning for media freedom in Turkey

alt informationThe Turkish government continues to threaten internet freedom, placing added pressure on social media platforms, writes Catherine Stupp

Turkey’s proposed internet law met with strong opposition

alt informationControversy surrounds proposed amendments to a 2007 law, which would give the government wide ranging power over the internet

The trouble with Taraf

Kaya Genç looks at how Turkey's "first truly liberal newspaper" has shaken up the country's media

Turkish director faces jail for insulting PM

Haldun Açıksözlü, actor and director of the theatre play Laz Marks, faces two years in jail over allegations that he insulted the prime minister in his play. The show has run for a year and has been shown in over 80 provinces. The charges came only a week after British artist, Michael Dickenson, was fined for […]