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Open politics will stretch Tunisian Islamists

Rohan Jayasekera asks if the return of Tunisia's Islamists help or hinder the national democratic project Read more on Tunisia

Tunisians will not be easily unplugged again

Discreet coup or "Jasmine Revolution", the departure of Tunisia's despot Zine el Abidene Ben Ali will not end his networked citizens' calls for reform. Rohan Jayasekera reports

Tunisia: The Middle East’s first cyberwar

Conventional wisdom suggests that the web’s power to drive social revolution is over-rated, but the Tunisian government still isn’t taking any chances. Its agents are hacking its opponents’ networks and sabotaging them, even as foreign hackers retaliate against the state. Rohan Jayasekera reports

Fresh eyes needed on WikiLeaks’ treasure trove of secrets

With maybe hundreds of human rights activists named in the WikiLeaks files, and frontman Julian Assange threatening to throw them open to the world, it's time for fair assessment of the potential threat to free expression advocates argues Rohan Jayasekera

Foreign Office report on human rights skims over UK record

Focus, partnership and joined-up advocacy in defence of human rights - the UK Foreign Office's lost vocation, as revealed by the diplomats’ own annual report. Rohan Jayasekera comments

Sri Lankan press crackdown 2.0

Opposition voices targeted to silence them before parliamentary elections says Index's Rohan Jayasekera

Stalin in rehab – part 2

Rohan Jayasekera visits Uncle Joe's cabin

Protection for Camp Ashraf

Index on Censorship calls on UN to defend rights of Iranian opposition group in Iraq

Afghan commitment to free expression weakened by election pressures

Short-term restrictions on freedom of expression in the run up to Thursday’s Afghan vote may mask deeper and longer term steps to curtail the rights of the media that independent journalists may find harder to resist, says Rohan Jayasekera

North London Bus Freedom Riders

The ultimate danger of the phrase Age of Terror lies not in the imagined fears embedded in the word ‘terror’, but in the reality of the word ‘age’, says Rohan Jayasekera