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Human rights groups demand Egypt release Amal Fathy

alt informationHuman rights groups expressed growing concern about Egyptian campaigner Amal Fathy and urged authorities to release her immediately.

Doughty Street Chambers lodges UN complaint in case of detained Egyptian activist Amal Fathy

alt informationInternational human rights lawyers Doughty Street Chambers have lodged a complaint to the United Nations on behalf of Egyptian campaigner Amal Fathy, her husband and their son after the family was seized by police.

Human rights activist Amal Fathy’s arrest comes amid wider crackdown in Egypt

alt informationAccusations of “inciting hatred against the state” and “using social media to spread fake news” are being used to silence government critics.

Index on Censorship calls on Egypt to immediately release activist Amal Fathy

alt informationFreedom of expression organisation Index on Censorship calls on Egypt to immediately release activist Amal Fathy, who was detained by police last Friday.

Index on Censorship calls on Egypt to release Amal Fathy

alt informationIndex calls on governments around the world to put pressure on Egypt to release Amal Fathy and to shine a spotlight on the Egyptian government’s frightening tactics to stop the public knowing what is going on in that country.

Imprisoned activist “started a book club because I was afraid of the ISIS guys”

alt informationThe Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms discuss the country’s ongoing strife and what can be done to end it at a Doughty Street panel

#IndexAwards2018: Egytian Commission for Rights and Freedom advocates for a democratic Egypt

alt informationECRF has been fighting censorship and defending human rights through its criminal justice programme and online platform to bring students and practitioners online to discuss a student charter related to freedom of association in universities.

Open letter to UN High Commissioner on Egypt’s crackdown on freedom of expression

alt informationTo: His Excellency Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Re: Call for action to condemn the Egyptian authorities’ crackdown on freedom of expression Mr High Commissioner, We, the undersigned organisations, are writing to express our great concern about the current human rights situation in Egypt. Four years ago today, Egypt’s […]

David Kaye: The other travel ban

alt informationGovernments are imposing travel bans to deny the spread of information about the state of repression and corruption in their home countries.

Press freedom must not be used as a bargaining chip

alt informationThe call by four Arab states -- UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt -- for Qatar to close news network Al Jazeera is clearly motivated by a desire to control the media in the region.

Egypt: Groups condemn the government’s blocking of 21 websites

alt informationOn Wednesday 24 May 2017, Egypt banned at least 21 websites, including Al Jazeera television, The Huffington Post and Mada Masr

Contents: The big squeeze

alt informationSpring 2017 contributors include Richard Sambrook, Dominic Grieve, Roger Law, Karim Miské, Mark Frary and Canan Coşkun