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The Queen’s Speech is a systematic assault on free expression

alt informationOn the face of it, the Government's legislative agenda looks reasonable but the devil is in the detail

Speech should be free but not of consequences

alt informationRather than genuinely tackling the thornier issues, we’re seeing calls for more regulations online as a quick fix

Heavy fines on social networks for not tackling online abuse may have unintended consequences

alt informationIndex CEO Ruth Smeeth discusses the proposed Online Harms Bill in a virtual session organised by the Board of Deputies after a rise in anti-Semitic attacks

Rowan Atkinson joins Index in call for changes to Scotland’s planned hate crime bill

alt informationComedian is one of 20 individuals who have signed a joint letter, along with Index on Censorship, raising concerns over the wording of a new bill

This Week at Index: Calls for immediate release of re-arrested author

alt informationRestrictions on the media were once something seen as a problem for other countries but now these concerns are front and centre in the UK, Index CEO Jodie Ginsberg said this week

Censorship cannot create a more equal society

alt informationProposals to address so-called hate groups put forward by the Tony Blair Institute risk damaging freedom of speech in the UK, Index on Censorship warned.

Jodie Ginsberg: “The only speech that ought to be restricted is speech that directly incites violence”

alt informationLaws targeting hate speech can be counterproductive, especially amid the rise of leaders who aren't afraid to cause offence, Index on Censorship Jodie Ginsberg tells ABC News’

Jodie Ginsberg: “The idea that we can prevent future crimes by policing expression is a dangerous road to go down”

alt informationCrimes motivated by misandry — a contempt for men — ageism and prejudice against certain alternative cultures, such as goths or punks, may soon be added to hate crime legislation in England and Wales.

Governments should not be policing thought

alt informationThe Law Commission will review how sex and gender characteristics are treated within existing hate crime laws and whether new offences are needed.

HATE: Why We Should Resist it With Free Speech, Not Censorship

alt informationWhat is hate speech? What is behind the rise of hate-speech legislation and codes? Are some words and ideas just too hateful for public life? Is policing hate speech the best way to protect equality and freedom -- or is free speech, more speech, the answer?