20th Anniversary: Freedom and responsibility

Inside Iran

Introducing eight journalists living and working today in Iran. This issues of Index demonstrates for the first time not only the complexity, it also shows the determination of Iranian intellectuals inside Iran to speak out against censorship and to defend human rights against all odds. What this issue of Index affirms is that in the country of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie there are at this moment writers, journalists and intellectuals who are publicly calling for freedom of expression and freedom from intimidation, not just for themselves but for all the media, for women, minority voices, trade unions and political and social organisations.

Includes articles by: Y.A. Mirshakkak; S. Zarshenaz; F. Sarkoohi; M. Behnood; N. Mousavi; N. Amiri; M. Gha'ed; S. Alinejad; H. Golmakani; Esmail Fassih; Quzi Rabihavi; S. Nurmuradov and more.

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