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Germany’s far right waged a violent campaign against journalists in 2015

alt informationOver a year on from its launch, the anti-immigrant PEGIDA movement isn't just attacking refugees, but also assaulting and intimidating the German press

Germany: Authorities leave bitter aftertaste in Netzpolitik treason case

alt informationOver a month after the Berlin-based blog Netzpolitik.org was charged with treason for publishing leaked government documents, details are trickling out about the extent German authorities went to in order to build a case against the journalists running the website.

Turkey: Owner of online dictionary site questioned over Prophet Mohammed post

Çağatay Gürtürk, owner of the collaborative dictionary website ITÜ Sözlük, was detained while trying to enter Turkey on the night of January 14.

Turkey: Government detains journalists

On Sunday, December 14, at least 27 people were detained by Turkish police, including journalists, producers and directors of TV shows and police officers. Arrest warrants were issued for at least 31.

Turkey: Erdogan tightens the digital screws on free expression

Turkey's new internet restrictions -- rushed through in early September -- spell trouble for the country's press. Catherine Stupp reports.

Germany: Vandals lash out against local newspaper for reporting on right-wing extremists

alt informationOn the night of September 4-5, the daily newspaper Lausitzer Rundschau became victim to a crime by now familiar to its employees. Catherine Stupp reports.

Assaults against journalists rise in Turkey

alt informationSince the beginning of this year, cases of assault against journalists, legal threats and lay offs worsened Turkey's already precarious state of press freedom. Catherine Stupp reports

Germany: Are online user comments protected by press freedom laws?

alt informationA local newspaper in the western German city of Darmstadt is at the centre of a legal case that will measure whether readers' comments are protected by Germany's press freedom laws. Catherine Stupp reports

Press freedom in Turkey is challenged by opaque court rulings

alt informationLast Thursday, after nearly eight years of detention three journalists were among a group released from a prison near Istanbul. Catherine Stupp reports

Erdogan’s threat to shut down social media is warning for media freedom in Turkey

alt informationThe Turkish government continues to threaten internet freedom, placing added pressure on social media platforms, writes Catherine Stupp

Unclear internet law spells uncertain future for free expression in Turkey

alt informationThe specifics regarding website censorship and data gathering in the recently approved amendments to Turkey's controversial internet law remain murky, writes Catherine Stupp

Turkey’s internet law following nebulous drafting process

alt informationSome freedom of speech activists insist that the most effective resistance to censorship will be promoting internet security, writes Catherine Stupp