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Ece Temelkuran: What will become of Erdogan’s little clones when he’s gone?

alt informationA country’s leadership sets the tone, but can also penetrate the very fabric of the public’s existence igniting a metamorphosis that creates political clones

Learn from Turkey: Resistance can’t just end at “No”

alt informationWriter Ece Temelkuran warns global movements to learn from the example of her homeland.

Ece Temelkuran: “Make Turkey so-so again!”

alt informationThe women around me are more alert to the Turkey’s situation than the men are. The comfortable male universe is full of denial.

Ece Temelkuran: A diary of Turkey’s interesting times

alt informationAuthor Ece Temelkuran brings Index up to date about the latest developments in Turkey.

Ece Temelkuran: Turkey’s drive to make theatre “suitable”

alt informationJournalist and author Ece Temelkuran discusses the role of the Turkish ministry of culture in censoring theatre productions.

Turkey: Ten years of organised ignorance

alt information“What happened in Turkey during the last ten years?” Ece Temelkuran explores the causes of the country's last decade

“There is now a menace called Twitter”

Against a backdrop of unrest that started in an Istanbul park last week and has spread throughout the country, Ece Temelkuran asks why the Turkish government is afraid of the internet

Turkey: “Free journalists” challenge courts

The trial of several accused of being involved in an alleged plot to overthrow the government had degraded the status of press freedom in the country, writes Ece Temelkuran