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Current issue: Seeing the future of journalism – will the public know more?

In the autumn issue of Index on Censorship magazine, don’t miss: Burmese-born author Wendy Law-Yone on the challenges the Burma’s media face in the run-up to the next election; TV journalist Samira Ahmed on how television channels should respond to viewers’ complaints; award-winning foreign correspondent Iona Craig reports from Yemen on threats to journalism in […]

25 years after the fall of Berlin Wall, Europe’s past is being rewritten

As the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall approaches, Index on Censorship Rachael Jolley magazine editor argues we should not forget our history

Latest Issue: The war of the words

alt informationIn the new issue of the magazine, we include a special report the war of the words on the use of propaganda and censorship during conflicts.

Music in Mali: They Will Have to Kill Us First

alt informationDocumentary filmmaker Johanna Schwartz wrote for Index on Censorship magazine on the censorship and persecution that musicians in Mali have faced from Islamists, with musician Fadiamata Walet Oumar.

Gender segregation is so last century

alt informationWhy does it feel like England's universities are swinging back in the wrong direction on gender equality? Rachael Jolley asks

Current issue: Mission creep — defending religious tolerance and free speech

The upcoming winter issue of Index on Censorship magazine includes a special report on religion and tolerance, with articles from around the world. Writers include the Bishop of Bradford, Salil Tripathi, Samira Ahmed and Kaya Genc. There’s an interview with Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti ahead of the opening of her new play, and 10 years after […]

Father of the Rainbow Nation

This is the moment to remember massive changes in South African life that are Nelson Mandela’s legacy says Rachael Jolley

From the archive: In memory of Mandela

At Index on Censorship we have collected significant articles from our archive that trace the history of the apartheid struggle, and some of the great writers who have commented, argued and analysed it for our magazine, including Nadine Gordimer and Albie Sachs.

Paul Conroy: “War journalists must avoid being used as propaganda”

alt informationThe acclaimed war photographer spoke at the Cheltenham Literature Festival about the changing impact of journalism in conflict. Rachael Jolley reports

Mandela’s legacy “too easily dismissed”

alt informationNelson Mandela's legacy has been "too easily dismissed", South African editor Nic Dawes tells Index on Censorship magazine in the latest issue.

What does book banning say about a society and government?

alt informationBanning a work of art, a book or a play says more about a society and its temperament than anything else. As free speech and readers mark Banned Books Week, Index on Censorship magazine editor Rachael Jolley looks at Lebanon, where the country's Censorship Bureau has recently flexed its muscles

Current issue: Not Heard? Ignored, suppressed and censored voices

alt informationThe autumn issue of Index on Censorship magazine brings together articles from writers including Amartya Sen, Philip Pullman, Jonathan Dimbleby and Peter Kellner, and covers India, China, Brazil, South Africa, Honduras, Colombia, Afghanistan and Mali. Under discussion are development and free speech; ignored voices; digital media; reporters under fire in South America. Get your copy […]