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Index youth advisory board

The youth advisory board is Index on Censorship’s project aimed at engaging with young people aged 16-25 from around the world, and gathering their views on freedom of expression issues. Learn more.

#IndexDrawtheLine: Government surveillance should only happen when a threat to security exists

In the latest #IndexDrawtheLine, we’ve been asking the question: where should governments draw the line on everyday surveillance?

Join the Index on Censorship youth board

Index on Censorship is recruiting for its next Youth Advisory Board. The new board will hold the position for six months from June-November 2015, have the chance to participate in monthly Google Hangout On Air discussions about current freedom of expression issues around the world and the opportunity to write articles to promoting the #IndexDrawtheLine social media […]

#IndexDrawtheLine: Is offence a vital part of free expression?

alt informationCensorship, and the degree to which we self-censor, is becoming an increasingly difficult, yet pressing and vitally important, topic of debate amongst an ever-growing international community. Now, in the internet age, it has never been easier to connect and communicate with so many different people from all across the world. With these wide reaching forms […]

New Index Youth Advisory Board announced

The second cohort of Index on Censorship’s Youth Advisory Board was announced today. The members will discuss topical freedom of expression events, participate in #IndexDrawtheLine debates and advise Index on youth issues. The new board will sit from December 2014 to May 2015. Index on Censorship Youth Advisory Board: Abishek Phadnis Abhishek recently completed a […]

#IndexDrawtheLine: Do laws restrict or protect free speech?

This month the Index Youth Advisory Board is discussing legal regimes and how they nurture or stifle the free expression of ideas. Examples of draconian laws abound: from Russia’s law banning “homosexual propaganda” to the UK’s use of RIPA legislation to violate the confidentiality of journalists’ sources. When it comes to free speech: laws, what […]

#IndexDrawtheLine: Reforms needed in police handling of protests

alt informationAs protests continue to rock many countries, at times leading to use of excessive force including tear gas and rubber bullets by law enforcement officers against protesters, people have openly raised questions on police abuse. This month’s Draw the Line question focused on the excessive use of force during protests and the role police can […]

Draw the Line: Should the police do more to protect free speech?

alt informationFree expression and policing can have an antagonistic relationship. Recent events in Ferguson are demonstrative of the issues that arise as the demands for protest clash with those for civil safety. The police are naturally drawn to the forefront of such a debate as they become the physical manifestation of a state’s commitment to free […]

#IndexDrawTheLine: Do wars justify censorship? A dilemma not easily answered

alt informationThis month’s Draw The Line debate has shown itself to be a dilemma not easily answered in four weeks. Many of the responses we received have acknowledged that it is hardly a black and white topic but with conflicts flaring up all over the world it is an incredible important question to consider. As Usamah […]

Draw the Line: Do wars justify censorship?

During the First World War, censorship was deemed crucial to send the public the right messages, and keep the enemy in the dark about tactics. Today, especially in times of war, governments continue with their attempts to control what the public and the outside world are told, often in the name of national security.

Recap Report: Draw the Line – Can art or journalism ever be terrorism?

For July’s Draw the Line event, Index hosted a workshop in our offices to debate the question, “Can art or journalism ever be terrorism?” This daunting question provoked some interesting answers, delving deeper into the subject matter the group began to question how do we define art, journalism and terrorism? What do we expect the role of artists […]

#IndexDrawTheLine: Can art or journalism ever be terrorism?

This month, Draw the Line will be exploring whether arts or journalism can ever be considered terrorism. Farah Wael writes.

What is the Index Youth Board?

The Youth Board is a group of young people aged 16-25 who will advise and inform Index on Censorship’s work, supporting our ambition to fight for free expression all around the world and ensuring our engagement with issues relevant to tomorrow’s leaders. Why has Index started a Youth Board? Index on Censorship is committed to […]