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Shanghai lockdown shows how far Xi will go to control population

alt informationCriticism of China's Covid-Zero policy is being censored online

Hong Kong’s National Security Law reaches the UK

alt informationHigh-profile activist Benedict Rogers, who lives in London, is being targeted using the draconian law in what is believed to be its first use outside Chinese territory 

Lament for Hong Kong

alt informationWatching the crushing of Hong Kong’s media is heartbreaking and confirms the dictum that censorship inevitably degenerates into absurdity and corruption, writes David McNeill

Landmark report shines light on Chinese “long arm” repression of ex-pat Uyghurs

alt informationA new study highlights the shocking extent of Chinese attempts to repress Uyghur ex-pats living in countries across Europe including the UK

Beijing Olympics: Support the sport but remember the persecuted

alt informationAs the Games begin in China, do cheer on your country's athletes but look beyond the sport

Will athletes risk the wrath of Beijing to stand up for human rights?

alt informationThe Olympic Games have a history of protest, but China is going out of its way to stop that. With growing concern over the Uyghurs and Hong Kong we look at how likely they are to win

Boris Johnson’s Partygate is a distraction from the important issues

alt informationAggression against protestors in Kazakhstan, hunger in Afghanistan and Covid deaths continue despite the scandals

Keeping watch on China

alt informationAs British MPs are warned over a Chinese national seeking influence in the UK parliament, Index continues to shine a light on the CCP's activities globally