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India’s public service broadcaster at center of political row

alt informationThe India media is the subject of the news yet again. This time though, the private news channels -- the usual suspects – are only reporting the news. Instead, the latest war of words among politicians has thrown the public service broadcaster, Doordarshan, into the limelight. Mahima Kaul reports

India fails to throw weight behind NETmundial

alt informationIndia was among the few governments that did not sign the NETmundial outcome statement. But why does it seem that the world’s largest democracy is not putting its weight behind a "bottom-up, open, and participatory" multistakeholder process? Mahima Kaul reports

Why it is open season for hate speech in India’s elections

alt informationCynical politicians make the most of ineffective laws and a weak regulator, Saurav Data reports

Expose crony capitalism and be censored in India

alt informationA book detailing the allegedly shady dealing behind a gas contract has been targeted by the companies involved in the latest example of censorship in India, writes Saurav Datta.

India’s elections: Hate speech and the “greatest show on Earth”

Electioneering for the Indian elections of 2014 has reached a fever pitch. Political parties seem to be indulging in the same hate speech, communal politicking and calculations that work to polarise the electorate and garner votes. Mahima Kaul reports

India’s Supreme Court junks the Hicklin Test, but there’s little cause for cheer

India's Supreme Court’s reliance on “redeeming social value” and “community standards” provides cause for consternation, writes Saurav Datta

Hindu supremacists stall play in India

Religious bigotry and the government's abdication of responsibility jointly endanger free speech, writes Saurav Datta

Controversy surrounds India’s biometric database

alt informationQuestions about the security of India's giant biometric database continue to be raised by privacy advocates, Mahima Kaul reports

Twitter trolls in India: Sexist abuse as a tool to muzzle women

alt informationThe social media experience which came across as a liberating tool for women, was often equated with a living room where one could voice opinions in public sphere. However, of late, a series of incidents have sounded a note of caution against the euphoria around social media, writes Niharika Pandit

Cheering for the Pakistan cricket team is dangerous in democratic India

alt informationIndo-Pak cricket matches are anything but “normal” as 67 college students found when they were charged with sedition for cheering for the Pakistani team. Saurav Datta reports

India’s media doesn’t dare violate the “Modi-fied” code of silence

alt informationSiddharth Varadarajan and Nandini Sundar stand out as examples of the consequences of seeking accountability and justice. Saurav Datta reports

As internet matures India faces a choice on governance

alt informationFor many years, the Indian public in particular, had very little interest in who controlled the internet and decisions taken at a structural level that shaped its future. Mahima Kaul reports on how that's changing.