Category : Risks, Rights and Reputations

Risks, Rights and Reputations takes on our increasingly risk averse culture. This vital training for CEOs and chairs of trustee boards is aimed at ensuring arts and cultural organisations across the country have the tools to handle difficult subjects and sensitive stories to deliver the best work possible.

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Index launches new advisory service for arts organisations

alt informationArts Censorship Support Service will provide assistance to colleagues in the cultural sector facing issues of censorship.

Lifting the curtain on censorship: Noel Coward’s banned plays brought to life

alt informationMarking the 50th anniversary of the end of UK theatre censorship, Index hosted an educational and interactive workshop with young people at the British Library

Julia Farrington: “Art doesn’t divide society, it reveals division”

alt informationRights, Risks & Reputations is a training programme developed by Index, What Next? and Cause4 to help art and cultural leaders understand and challenge a risk-averse culture and incorporate these topics within their organisations.

Using the arts to show a new perspective and horizon

alt informationWhat does it say about our society, when some of us are censoring our most natural actions in order to fit in? Where there is a feeling that particular gestures or words will have undesired consequences, or worse, lead to some kind of punishment.

Passion for Freedom: “There is always someone who wants to take freedom away”

alt informationIndex on Censorship associate arts producer Julia Farrington met with Agnieszka Kolek to talk about policing of freedom of expression, and how the events of 2015 have impacted on plans for this year’s Passion for Freedom exhibition

Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti: Freedom of expression must be at the core of artistic institutions

alt informationArtists make the work. Institutions put the work on. That’s the deal. It’s a simple but weird relationship.

Elephant in the room: It’s all well and good protecting the far right, but what about everyone else’s rights?

alt informationThe final performance of my play Elephant was cancelled in Birmingham, bizarrely the same city where, 13 years ago, my play Behzti was closed after protests turned violent

Expanding the space for the arts: Challenging the UK’s risk averse culture

alt informationThe arts have an important role to express and process the diverse and often divergent opinion and experience that coexist in our society