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Mapping Media Freedom identifies threats, violations and limitations faced by members of the press throughout European Union member states, candidates for entry and neighbouring countries.

Mapping Media Freedom – a major Index on Censorship project and a joint undertaking with the European Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders, partially funded by the European Commission – covers 42 countries, including all EU member states, plus Bosnia, Iceland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Turkey, Albania along with Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in (added in April 2015), and Azerbaijan (added in February 2016). The platform was launched in May 2014 and has recorded over 3,000 incidents threatening media freedom.

Violations, censorship and needs of threatened journalists in Europe

Journalists and media workers are confronting relentless pressure simply for doing their job. Mapping Media Freedom identifies threats, violations and limitations faced by members of the press throughout European Union member states, candidates for entry and neighbouring countries. Learn more.

Turkey: Six journalists remain in prison while lawyers expelled from court

alt informationTurkish journalists Ahmet Altan and Mehmet Altan’s defence attorneys were forced to leave the courtroom as their clients stood trial accused of taking part in Turkey’s failed 2016 coup

Protesters demand justice after murder of Maltese journalist

alt informationOn the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, activists held a vigil for a murdered Maltese journalist

Targeting journalists in the name of national security

alt informationAs security - rather than the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms - becomes the number one priority of governments worldwide, broadly-written security laws have been twisted to silence journalists.

Turkish injustice: Scores of journalists, rights defenders facing trial

alt informationAbout 90 journalists, writers and human rights defenders will appear before courts in the coming days

Interpol: The abuse of red notices is bad news for critical journalists

alt informationRed notices are a tool of political abuse by oppressive regimes such as Turkey, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, with five journalists targetted since August

Turkey: Solidarity with journalists falsely accused of leaking government emails

alt informationSix journalists face lengthy jail terms in for allegedly leaking emails from Berat Albayrak, Turkey’s energy minister and president Erdogan’s son-in-law.

Daphne Caruana Galizia: Life and career of murdered Maltese journalist

alt informationDaphne Caruana Galizia was a Maltese journalist and blogger known for her investigative reporting on controversial and sensitive information

Russia: Journalists detained during protests breach of media freedom

alt informationAt least nine media workers were detained across Russia on 8 October during protests organised by Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny

Ireland: Irish Times journalists banned from Communicorp airwaves

alt informationStaff from the Irish Times will no longer appear on Ireland’s only two national commercial radio stations, Newstalk and Today FM

Labour Party conference: No place for a free press

alt informationDuring the Labour Party conference, the BBC political editor required bodyguards while two other journalists were barred from entering

Lawsuits are discouraging quality journalism in Albania

alt informationAlbania’s mainstream media outlets have been reluctant to cover and expose corruption in the country, and observers blame vexatious lawsuits for the hesitancy

Catalan referendum: The media becomes a target as tensions escalate

alt informationThe stern reaction by the national government has caused not only much conflict within the region but also violations against media freedom